101/1001 (Week 139)

22 Nov
I Need a Doctor

I Need a Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apologies for my absence during the past two weeks; I’ve been feeling under the weather.

First, an urgent announcement for Doctor Who fans: check out today’s Google Doodle.  But don’t blame me if you lose three hours of your life.

Now for the update.

I have completed quite a few tasks:

Lose some weight.  More than a little; less than a lot. 

11kgs/24.2508lbs so far!

Get the first series of Glee on dvd

£1 for the set at my church summer fair! Such a bargain made me feel a little…gleeful 🙂

Write 1001 new poems (1089/1001)

88 over the odds and there are still 37 days to go! I’m thrilled to have reached this goal.

Go to the theatre

I’d have been happy with once; four times in five months was just wonderful, dahlings.

Learn the names of the New Testament books as they appear

Done. I could recite them for you but I don’t think you’ll hear me over there.

Learn the names of all the Kings & Queens of England in order

Done. From Egbert to QEII. This one was great fun.

No, really.

I have added a new task:

Make a video of me reciting all the lists I’ve learned and post it on my blog

The question is, will anyone watch it?

I can tell you now that I’m not going to complete all of the tasks by the end of the challenge, but I’m pleased with what I HAVE done.  

But what I’m really, really pleased about is that there are only 37 days left until the whole damn thing is over.


38 Responses to “101/1001 (Week 139)”

  1. laurieanichols at 12:19 #

    I’ll watch and listen, that is so impressive, learning the names of all the Kings and Queens. 😀


    • American Presidents next!


      • Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, J Q Adams…they are easy until you get to Lincoln. No one can name the presidents after Grant, until you get to Teddy Roosevelt.

        I know more about the Kings and Queens in the UK….good old Egbert. And congrats to you!!


      • laurieanichols at 18:20 #

        I knew them all back in 1980, I’m pretty sure that I would mess it up now, the 1800’s had some obscure ones, but for you after the Kings and Queens, this will be a walk in the park. 🙂


  2. Ah, but the question is….what will you do with the rest of your life?


  3. sharechair at 12:53 #

    I would enjoy a video of you reciting your lists. Sounds like riveting viewing.
    Not pleased to know you still are not feeling well. It’s been too long. Hoping you can kick this soon. Although, crossing the 50 line probably reduces the immune system…..


  4. bevchen at 12:58 #

    Well done on the weight loss.. that is an amazing amount!


  5. vivienne blake at 13:15 #

    Bravo ! You are one dogged dame, and a darling, to boot. Please can we skip the lists video and have you reading some of your poems instead?
    ViV x


  6. bluebee at 13:15 #

    Well done!


  7. mairedubhtx at 14:29 #

    You are doing so well on your challenges! Good job!


  8. misswhiplash at 14:55 #

    I will watch and listen….well done on the weight loss..but why are u feeling poorly


  9. I’d watch and listen to you reciting your lists! Well done on your weight loss – excellent result. Have sales of Maltesers suffered?


  10. jeandayfriday at 19:44 #

    Great job on your weight loss! I am going to the theater this weekend to see the musical “Once.” Excited! 🙂


  11. colonialist at 20:44 #

    Seems a no-win situation. You have lost weight in the middle, but gained a weight of knowledge in weightly subjects,, so that puts you back at square one?
    That is a LOT of poems!


  12. Rorybore at 22:20 #

    I have been trying all darn day!!! ugh. I cannot tell my husband when he gets home or else I will lose the computer and never get the Doc to the booth!
    Congratulation on so much success with your goals and hope you are feeling better.


  13. vastlycurious.com at 05:37 #

    Nice to see you back here !


  14. Pseu at 00:45 #

    “Apologies for my absence during the past two weeks; I’ve been feeling under the weather.” you said…. hope you’re on top of the weather now? x


  15. slpmartin at 00:48 #

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well..I’ve just ended a short holiday so haven’t been reading much either…now I’m trying to get caught up…hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  16. sanstorm at 22:00 #

    Well done on your challenges. I’ll have a trawl back to the start of the year and see how I am doing with my goals. I think the whole “write a novel” thing might be on the “fail” list…
    Very impressed with the poem count.


  17. katharinetrauger at 06:53 #

    Wow, Dear!
    This is impressive! You’d have to be old to have learned so much!
    However, I can recite all the states, in geographical order, and almost all their capitals. 🙂
    And how did I get to this…umm…page? Site? I’m confused?


  18. Congratulations on accomplishing more items on your long list, especially the weight loss!


  19. Janie Jones at 19:29 #

    My challenge met the college schedule and died a horrible death. Congrats to you!



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