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Joke 623

6 Dec

Adapted from punoftheday.

A Christmas Carol - Scrooge Extinguishes the F...

A Christmas Carol – Scrooge Extinguishes the First of the Three Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Hub just got the part of Scrooge in a local performance.

I’d love to go see him, but that play scares the Dickens out of me.



Fly Me To The Moon

3 Jan

His career unexpectedly rocketed...

I’m in a great mood: Tory Boy is coming home today, for a week.  We only had him for two days at Christmas so he owes us.  Even though I have taken down the tree and decorations, TB, Spud and I will hang on to the Christmas spirit by having our annual viewing of the greatest version of Dickens’ tale ever told: The Muppet Christmas Carol.  A true Christmas classic.  The boys and I watch it every year, singing along to all of the songs and reciting the funny bits: ‘Light the lamp; not the rat!  Light the lamp, not the rat!’   Spud made my Christmas extra-special this year by buying me a dvd version to replace my worn-out old video. 

The Hub will be making himself scarce.  He is not a Muppet fan.  Or a Star Wars fan.  The man is a freak of nature, redeemed only by his love of Star Trek – but not The Original Series. Sometimes I wonder how I ever came to marry him. 

The photograph above is of a rocket made by TB & the Hub about ten years ago.  It’s component parts are scrap such as empty Cheeselet tubes and crinkly paper, but it had working lights and I think it made a noise.  TB sent it into Diggit and it appeared on television.  He won a bubble rucksack and a key ring (both of which broke within the week) but he never got his rocket back.  Perhaps they should have used a boomerang for steering. 

I must go because I have a busy day ahead: after church I will be making our roast beef & all the trimmings New Year’s Day dinner.  We postponed it so that TB was with us.  Incidentally, on the day TB arrived home for Christmas, I read this in Psalms: He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.  I am not barren, obviously, but I am truly a happy mother of children.  Praise the Lord!

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