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On Bullying

15 Oct

This post is dedicated to Doodlemum and her daughter, Millie. 

Amanda Todd

Dianne, over at Schmidleysscribbling gave me the Sunshine Award (thank you, Dianne).

I mention it because of the reason she gave for nominating me:

She [me, Tilly] is the kid I loved in school because I was a “goody-two shoes” and she was the kid always into mischief and making me laugh.

I apologise, Dianne but, like John Lennon, I’m going to have to return my award, though I like that you think I have always been this way.

Because…I was not that girl in school.  

I was an even goodier-two shoes than you.  I was never into mischief; I never deliberately put a foot wrong, challenged a teacher, disobeyed a rule, got into an argument.  I was a terrified mouse, bullied by some, protected by kind others – big, tough girls who were nice to me.  

I was more fortunate than Amanda Todd, 15, who was found dead last week, possibly by suicide, after posting a You Tube video describing her torment.  

Haters are now leaving horrible messages  on her memorial page.  I just don’t understand the need for such malice.

A belated ‘thank you’ to the girls who looked after me.  You made the hell that was my school life a little easier to bear.  And my choice of husband easy – he was you with a beard: big (shouldered), tough and always there for me, protecting and looking out for me.

Thinking about this made me wonder, readers: how many of you are still the people you were at school?  

If you were a bully, I forgive you.

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