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9 Nov

I see what I did there…


Gremlin (Photo credit: inkognitoh)

Breathe easy, the gremlin lives.

It was, uh, me.  I did it.  It’s a fair cop.

Seems I tried to add a new page instead of add a new post <blush>

I wiped out my own text and new page pages don’t have the same features as new post pages.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.

It’s not the first problem I’ve had with my electric life this week.  A good friend sent me an Amazon gift certificate for a poetry book for my Kindle.  I had real trouble getting the book because I did it through my Kindle at first and it came off my credit card so then I reversed it and tried to buy it online and it wouldn’t let me because it said I had already bought it.  

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Then I spent a day fretting about how to use the gift voucher and sending emails to Amazon whose reply was useless.  This morning, I took another look at the Amazon email about the voucher and noticed a handy little button, ‘Apply gift certificate to your account’.  Did that first and then purchased the book and now it should be on my Kindle.

Small panic break.
It’s not there!
Small think break.
It might appear if I turn the wifi on…
I’m such a Dodo.

I may be out of action for the next few days while I punish myself for losing good text.  Actually, for the purposes of this post it was great text, the best text I’ve ever written: witty, erudite, informative.  

Now it’s gone forever.  Remember – I did say that no one messes with my blog posts and gets away with it.  I’m scrupulously fair, if technologically stupid.

Somebody find me a gremlin and a whip.  One of us is going to suffer today, that’s for sure.  

We’ll Be Right Back After This Announcement

8 Jul

I have been instructed by my publisher to advertise the book in which my poem appears.

Best of Manchester Poets, Volume 1

Sorry, I can’t stop laughing at the idea that I have a publisher, even though it is technically true and he did email me to say this.  Never mind that it was a generic email sent to all the authors; that he had no idea of the identity of the random stranger who thanked him at the book’s launch for including the poem; or the fact that no money will make its way into my hands – in poetry, you’re lucky if the publisher covers the costs; it’s done for love, not dosh.   And never mind that my publisher wanted to charge me £9.99 on the night to buy another copy but you, you lucky poet-lover you, can get it on Amazon for the bargain price of just £7.72.   Click on the image and it will take you right to it.  All major credit cards accepted.  Our operators are standing by, just waiting for your call. 

Or you can click here and read the poem for nothing.  To be fair, there are lots of good poems in the book and it’s an enjoyable read, so I recommend it if you are that way inclined.

Excuse me while I take a shower.

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