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It’s My 4th Blogaversary!

1 Jul

Technically, it was yesterday, but I forgot to post about it (this morning’s joke refers).

It’s hard to believe I have been blogging for four years, but I have: 2561 posts’ worth.  You wouldn’t think there was that much nonsense in the world, would you?

Despite the teeth falling out of my mouth and feeling generally unwell and forgetting to do the kind of stuff I do every day, the blogaversary crowns a rather good week:

  • I had a poetry reading
  • I had a poem accepted for publication
  • My son made me burst with pride
  • My other son phoned home, which made me burst with happiness
  • I have a new secondhand couch in the lounge AND we managed to get rid of the old secondhand couch on the same day so it wasn’t lying around the bottom of the stairs blocking access in case of fire
  • My friend sold her house and found a new one so I don’t have to worry about her
  • I had a huge stats bump on Saturday after a ten-month slump
  • I lost another kilo which brings my total loss in one month to five kilos
  • I had my first Have you lost weight? query

Happy Blogaversary to me!

Somebody Went To Prison And All I Got Was This Lousy Anniversary Card

1 Jun


Today is my 28th wedding anniversary.  

Our wedding anniversary, I should say.

Nelson Mandela served twenty-seven years and he got a Nobel Peace Prize.  Me? I got an extra year, a card, and the most loving husband on the planet.

If you don’t believe me, ask my recent escapee, Janet.

Janet of Janet’s Notebook came to visit this week, for five days, with her son, Ben.  They wore me out but we had a great time.  You will be reading about our adventures over the next week or so, when I’ve recovered, but if you can’t wait until then, here are some of her posts about our time together:

Granny Liu: On accents

Who is that dog walker?: On dogs

The north south divide: On the phone

Laughter and love: On being soppy

I know how much you love me so don’t think she’s having fun at my expense (she is, but not maliciously), though I have to admit, it’s a weird sensation to be the butt instead of the butter of the joke.

However, I had great fun learning about another blogger and her quirks.  And of my own.  Janet made me wonder how the Hub has put up with me all of these years.

Now for the next twenty-eight.  Gulp.

Love you, my darling.  But please don’t tell anyone, it ruins my image.  

Happy anniversary xx


For Viv And The Fish Kisser

10 Jul

My dear friend Viv has been married to her lovely boy Jock for twenty-eight years today.  Happy anniversary!

Happy Smiley Face from Urine Samples

Happy Smiley Face from Urine Samples (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Anniversary E.P.

Anniversary E.P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

K Is For ‘Kidology’

27 Jun

Leather Vancouver

Leather Vancouver (Photo credit: dejahthoris)

The latest in my A to Z of The Laughing Housewife sees a celebration: on June 30th it will be my third blogaversary!  The third anniversary has ancient (leather) and modern (glass/crystal) symbols; to make it easy for everyone, if you send me a set of glasses in leather holders, like those plastic cups at sports games that keep drinks hot or cold*, I’ll be happy.


Being a fervent monarchist (yes, I would curtsey to the Queen) and because it’s a jubilee year, I decided to celebrate my blogaversary (leather slippers à la Cinderella will do) by copying QEII: four days off and a trip down memory lane.  There will be no original posts from tomorrow, for four days; just re-posts of my four favourite posts over the last three years*.

*The four posts I can remember writing.

Happy Blogaversary to me!
I get four days blog-free!
I’ll cheat all my readers
And they’ll all leave me…oh…


A quiz for you: guess which part of this post is a bluff or deception.


This is for you, Big Al:

kidology [kɪˈdɒlədʒɪ]


Brit informal the art or practice of bluffing or deception

[from kid2 + ology]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


I’ll settle for a leather glasses case, if you’re poor.


Happy Anniversary Diamond Liz

6 Feb
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II X

Image via Wikipedia

The Queen has been on the throne sixty years today.  Anyone else would be allowed to retire.

"Princess Lilibet". Derivative image...
Image via Wikipedia

To celebrate, here are some interesting facts:

  • My Nan was born 18 April 1914 and named Elizabeth, known as Lil.  The Queen was born 21 April 1926 and named Elizabeth, known as Lilibet.  Coincidence?
  • The Queen is visited by the reigning Prime Minister every Tuesday that she’s home in Buck House.  Some jobs suck.
  • The Queen has attended 34 Royal Variety performances.  Like I said: some jobs suck.
  • The Queen has two birthdays, one the actual and one the official.  She gets to ride with handsome soldiers on horses in June for her public birthday.  Nice, but I’d prefer a box of Maltesers.
  • The Queen is the only royal female to serve in the armed forces.  My Mum was in the Army for three years, apart from the time she went awol.   She and a friend ran home to Liverpool from Richmond; my Nan gave them a meal, bath and bed, then took them to the police station next morning, to turn themselves in.  The Army took them back.  The Army didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for.
  • The Queen has nine royal thrones: one at the House of Lords, two at Westminster Abbey, six in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.  I have two: one upstairs; one down. 
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the fortieth monarch since William the Conqueror stole the crown of England.  From Bill to Lil in forty easy steps.
  • The Queen speaks fluent French.  Blame it on her Norman ancestry.
  • Prince Andrew was born in 1960, eight years after she came to the throne.  That makes her the first reigning Queen to have a child since Queen Victoria gave birth to Princess Beatrice in 1857.  The first Queen Regnant pregnant.

I would like to tell you the story about the Queen and the farting horse, but I’ve told it at least three times in this blog, and probably more.  Instead, here’s a link to it.

Happy Anniversary, Queenie.

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