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Joke 448

14 Jun


Female pilot statue

Female pilot statue (Photo credit: ms.akr)

This one is from my fiend Cliff.


When I was in the pub I heard a couple of losers saying that they wouldn’t feel safe on an aircraft if they knew the pilot was a woman. 

What a pair of sexists!  I mean, it’s not as if she’d have to reverse the plane.


Joke 422

19 May

From Aha Jokes.

US Airways in Manchester t2 gate

US Airways in Manchester t2 gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USAir introduced a special half fare for wives who accompanied their husbands on business trips.  Hoping for valuable testimonials, the PR department sent out letters to all the wives of businessmen who had used the special rates, asking how they had enjoyed their trip.

Letters are still pouring in asking, “What trip?”

All The Fun Of The Aviation Fair

10 Jul

You can click on the pics to enlarge them.  Assuming they are still here: it took me a couple of hours and innumerable problems to load them, but I’m scheduling this post and I fear the photos may go the way of my You Tube videos. 

I thought at first it was going to be a dull day because the Hub warned Spud and I in the car, ‘No making fun of the geeks’; but then I met Concorde.  Sigh.  My one true love.  I’ve always loved Concorde.  The only two planes I wouldn’t be afraid to fly on are Concorde – too beautiful to fear – and Air Force One – safest plane in the whole world, I’m guessing.

A Hub pic from last year because you can't take a good photo when your palms sweat, your heart races and your hands shake through lurve...

I didn’t expect to be taken back to high school disco time:

Such indignity. At least as a teen the handstamp face didn't look wrinkled.

Spud and I had fun looking at the planes, and bits of planes:

This one is a museum inside, but so dull, I didn't bother taking a picture.


This one looked as strong as a kite.

Boring text between each picture because it’s the only way I can get all the pics in one post:

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown...

We paid £1 each to sit on top of a routemaster that didn’t go anywhere; don’t ask me why (why we paid to sit on top of a stationary bus; not why we paid £1: we paid £1 because they wouldn’t let us up there until we did):

I see no airships.

I got to realise a never-held ambition to sit in a racing car:

That's not fun on my face; it's fear: the back rest also doubles as the petrol tank. The owner showed me the button to press for the extinguisher (under my ankles). That was to give me time to get out before going up into a fireball. Provided I have two strong men to remove the steering wheel and yank me out.

Spud also went in the racing car:

He totally got it.

He admired a military bike and sidecar:

No jokes, comrades; we think it's Soviet-era.

And rounded off a fun-packed morning looking at non-moving transport with a little exercise:

Swing when you're winging...

My washing line at home; also known as 'Time-out Zone'

But we did get some cracking close-ups (and by ‘we’ I mean, of course, ‘the Hub’; all of these other badly composed, over-exposed photos are mine):

I'm not supposed to use this one because they sponsor United, but it's my favourite, and the Hub isn't, so I win.

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