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Happy Birthday Cindy

8 Jan

Today it is Cindy’s birthday, from The Only Cin.  Cindy blogs about food and wine in a way that even I, foodilistine that I am, find interesting.

Happy Birthday Cindy; here’s a poem for you:


She Will Just Read This

Cindy comes from Bloemies
where the houses are quite roomy;
the weather’s never gloomy;
but she didn’t tell that to me.

I read her About Me page
where I learned that she’s enraged
whenever folk are nasty
(I bet she’d give them rhinoplasty –

without the drugs. Imagine it!)
She likes to sew and knit
and blog and write a bit.
She slowed down but didn’t quit –

which makes us all feel joyous
for the things she has shared with us.
Her readers always have a grin
discovering Original Cin.


If you would like a birthday post, leave the date and a few interesting details in the comments section.

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