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Yoda Gangster And The Laughing Rat

26 Aug
Animated horse, made by rotoscoping 19th centu...

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It’s searches that found me time again; doesn’t it come around quickly?


Things I’d Like To See

  • yoda gangster
  • tap dancing bird
  • laughing rat
  • kitten frowning

Things I Wouldn’t Like To See

  • boris johnson as a child
  • cartoon passed out from fart
  • uma thurman severed head
  • crazy looking spiders
  • fat guys with bad teeth
  • megalomaniac wine photos
  • knickerless can-can
  • time to eat clock for cats cartoon

Well That Explains A Lot

  • dinosaurs miss ark
  • penguins can smell toothpaste
  • do not frown you never know who is
  • dont trust loughing women

From The ‘Need To Get A Life’ Brigade

  • before and after – cleaning clothing
  • “what have you got against the letter s”
  • how to use the work phone

Bet They Were Surprised To Find Themselves Here

  • sex.rumhub.com
  • free porn cartoons

Again With The Legs

  • huge leg elderly
  • broken leg girl
  • father wooden leg

This Search Makes Sense

  • aged mother cartoon

I Wonder If Scientists Know This?

  • cartoon causes low birth rate
  • richard bacon is a jerk
  • noah the arc

Or If They Can Do This?

  • i want a frog biology

Spelling Matters, Especially For A Little Town In Cheshire

  • hurricane irene channel 7 eye widnes news


  • ok, time to panic

Giving Up Blogging

8 Aug
Photograph of Jimbo Wales sans head (from :Ima...

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I don’t normally post new searches so close together, but I’ve had a bumper week.  I’m sure you won’t mind.*





I Don’t Know What These Are But I Really Want Some

  • big w lollies
  • janina muscle

This Person Obviously Has No Life.  Or Is My Husband

  • fun facts about aviation

You’d Think He’d Be Too Busy Being A Superhero To Have Time To Write About Me

  • batmanlive reviews housewife

I’m Afraid To Ask

  • bugger cartoon
  • pokemon houswife
  • gang of mice
  • shanana church brandenburg

I’m Definitely Visiting These Places

  • humor hotels in copenhagen
  • sharks sitting at tables

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

  • giving up blogging

Are There Any Other Kind?

  • daft porn tube
  • ugly flat frog
  • freak smile
  • customer waiting for reply from bank
  • funny pictures of people farting

Social Networking Takes On A Whole New Dimension

  • facebook gay socks

I Wish I Was This Person

  • i smiled and the world smiles with me
  • what should i do i have tickets to batman live but i’ve been invited to the gala performance

Even Google Needs A Little More Information Than This

  • mrs nicholson stockport

Who Says Religion And Science Don’t Mix?

  • noah’s arc

As Opposed To Real Pictures?

  • fictional pictures of insects

She’s Back, But She’s Lost A Limb

  • massive leg woman

And Finally…Someone Is Being Mean To My Readers

  • tinman you’re ugly cartoon have no heart


I do apologise, Tinman, but that’s life.  This really has nothing to do with me.



One Direction Socks In The Marriage Laundry

20 Jun


It’s searches-that-found-my-blog time again – one way to hide the fact that I’ve temporarily misplaced the funny.

What Is It About This Blog And Teeth, People?

  • goldfish teeth
  • big fat bad teeth potato
  • ugly mountain woman with no teeth image
  • my old wife get it tubeugly
  • old woman without teeth loughing

I Don’t Get It

  • preaching pyramid
  • personal sophies
  • marriage laundry

I Don’t Get It, But I Like It

  • tickle,tickle,tickle story
  • tapdancing swan

I Totally Get It

  • age is just a number… the higher the better

  • is house wife have stress

I Wish I Got It

  • millions of maltesers

The Laughing Housewife: Reaching The Parts Other Blogs Cannot Reach

  • one direction socks
  • eric idle hair

This Blog Goes International

  • jost og naff
  • irish fart

I’m Afraid It’s Merely An Aspiration

  • weekly housewife
  • poor people smiling

Talk About A Gift From Heaven

  • cynicism and stupidyty

The Way To Get Your Butt Kicked

  • bite girls butt
  • funny mothers day poems from husband
  • getting someone to leave so i can go golf cartoon

Breaking News

  • dog licks housewife

A Little Worrying

  • how to get a gurl if she changes her mind
  • frog dissection cute
  • sophie’s choice joke
  • child with wooden leg
  • cute nazi puppy
  • legionnaires disease laughing
  • fart prohibited

I Ask Again, How Did You End Up Here?

  • happy birthday song in arabic for dad

Ah, I’ve Been There

  • joke plumbing

The Best Kind

  • cartoon funerals

Tell Me, O GoogOracle

  • what is going on in my marriage
  • can this girl change her mind and love me
  • name a way to not get into trouble

We’ve Had It Before But It Tickles My Fancy

  • you are only as old as the woman you fell

Thank You, Lord, For Glorious Typos

  • charles blackman feel beneath the table
  • your as old as the woman you tough


(gay socks gay socks


Hitler Goldfish And The Upset Tooth

25 Apr
Using Internet Explorer, I made a close up of ...

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 More searches that found me:

This One I Know But It Reads Funny

  • hitler goldfish have i got news for you

My Kinda Guy

  • there aren’t enough fat girls

So How, Exactly, Did You End Up Here?

  • stupid
  • abergele woman throws kebab
  • can asthmatics go to laser quest in the trafford centre

People Want The Weirdest Poems

  • need help to make a poem for laughing
  • my dog is sick poem

That Nasty John

  • john hurt gilet

Animal Crackers

  • my dog is sick only with me
  • mice as mothers
  • funny dogs that farted
  • ashton kutcher and a moth

A Horror Story

  • dead malteser

What’s With The Teeth Obsession?

  • fat bad teeth
  • “my braces” “my husband”
  • crazy woman with messed up teeth
  • upset tooth cartonn
  • you don’t have to clean all your teeth just the ones you want to keep

What Can Only Be Described As A Middle Class Search

  • material possessions in middle class cartoons

Some Days, That’s Just How It Feels

  • marriage certificate cartoon

And Yet Another Scary One; Why Do They End Up Here?

  • website where you dissect people

Not An Invitation From The Writer Of This Blog

  • you are only as old as you feel the author

Is There Any Other Kind?

  • fancy penises

Massive Legs Woman And The Elderly Teeth

12 Apr
Using Internet Explorer, I made a close up of ...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s that time again: searches that found me.  If you can make sense of any of them, I’d be grateful to know what.


Body Dysmorphia?

  • Massive Legs Woman
  • please give me a full pic.of somebodys legs
  • smiling man with busted teeth
  • tooth cry
  • mashed up teeth smiles
  • smily faces of people who do not have a teeth
  • elderly teeth

That Is So Not A Good Idea

  • green beans with nik naks

Things We Don’t Care About

  • ralphhasawifey

 Again With The Finding Their Way To My Blog For Reasons I Can’t Fathom

  • kill husband cartoon

No Kidding

  • my family lo0k at me strangely if i randomly start laughing at the mobile:)


I Don’t Write Poetry On This Blog No More

  • poems for removing guests removing shoes


  • fish contraception cartoon
  • polifolia choirs
  • funny barrier contraception cartoons 

How Would I Know?

  • is freda funny?
  • is shower power safe on granite

 Could This Be True?

  • tomato purée stops bulimia
  • ugly women gay sex

 That’s Not Much Of A Prize

  • psychic sees lottery win cartoons

 Let’s Not

  • let’s gonna last 

Why Being A Housewife May Not Be A Good Thing

  • housewife forced to sit ups
  • leather house wife
  • fact about kettles
  • laughing washing machine

What Did She Do To That Donkey?

  • you’re only as old ass the woman you fell

A Beer-Guzzling Mammal Of The Nocturnal Kind

pic of bud sucking bat of africa

And This One Is Seriously Scary

cut open the “pregnant women” “brick testament”

Laughing Legs At The Ugly Woman Blog

16 Mar

I wasn’t going to post the latest searches quite so soon, but I could do with a laugh.


  • bum poem – opinion or backside?
  • men who dont do housework poems
  • don’t mess with me poems

I Know What They’re Saying But It Just Sounds Funny

  • school socks boy

Join The Club

  • my son never calls me unless he needs something and never returns my calls
  • pictures of manky teeth
  • ugly woman blog


  • dog sock the gay

I Find It Worrying That They Think They’ll Find It Here

  • “impure blood” french anthem
  • knickerless granies
  • which housewife do you think is dying? 2011
  • knickerless in snow
  • gay sex in sox

Even More Worrying

  • funny killing yourself cartoons photos

The ‘Get A Life’ Brigade

  • my tent cleaning blog
  • yoda from behind
  • annoyed with gwyneth paltrow

Why Haven’t I Written That One Yet?

  • poem maltesers

Typos I Can Forgive

  • don’t miss with me blog

Now You’re Talking

  • why you shouldnt be a housewife
  • my husband does housework poem
  • laughing legs

Covering All The Angles

  • joke packet of crisps pint head man -two
  • you shouldn’t play. yes you should grammar
  • poem on animals being educated now and then not wanting to know poems about animals on the street in a home poems about cats

Did You Hear The One About Caesar And The Centurion?

  • britanic got talent exentric

This One’s Looking For Patti

  • “pants like a kangaroo”

I Hope I Don’t Know These People

  • men without teeth smiling
  • animals with weird faces

Welcome To My Home!

  • the interesting housewife

Gay Socks And Singing Supermarkets

4 Mar
this place has gay socks!

Image by numist via Flickr

More searches that found me:


Just How Smart Do You Think The Internet Is?

  • freda’s address in atlantic city

Kindred Spirits

  • couples squabble 312 times a year
  • housewife writers
  • don’t do housework
  • best quilts ever made
  • i am housewife + grammar
  • maltesers zip package
  • dont know how to be a housewife

 I Can’t Make The Connection

  • multiple funny cartoon boys
  • clothes pragmatism insomnia
  • snowgood wordpress
  • gay socks
  • alas i am feeling better
  • killing people in funny cartoons
  • pig airlines pins
  • i hate snow & cartoons
  • my sons socks
  • cleaning baby born
  • singing supermarket
  •  the next thing the guy with the advice knew, the woman had fainted

That’s Brave

  • i am a tory


Maybe It’s Time For Me To Stop Writing Poetry

  • poem entitled i have a pet bat
  • other words for smell
  • expressing poems for nursery on my family
  • poems about rubbish people
  • wooden leg tale
  • poem cook and eat wikipedia
  • poem about rubbish collections
  • poems about meat pies
  • dont mess with me poems

Champing At The Bit

  • modern art of teeth

 No, Really: Why Do They Call Here?

  • reactions to public sex
  • public sex spot stockport
  • housewife on toilet
  • bloody baby cartoon
  • swear word a day toilet roll
  • old women and housewife kissing on bed

I Get It But I Don’t Like It

  • toilet humour
  • ugly ladies with ugly outfits
  • bad teeth fat

Now That Really Is Crazy

  • i must be housewife

Tent Suppliers In Marriages

9 Feb
mangled • fencing

Image by origamidon via Flickr

It’s been a while since I shared some of the searches that have led people to my blog.  ‘Tent suppliers in marriages’ is my favourite. 

That’s Just Mean

  • south fatty housewife
  • youre only as old as the woman
  • woman in swimsuit in snow
  • car crash funny
  • a man is as old as he feels a woman is as old as she looks


  • billion +spud +ton
  • falling garden carton
  • cooking christmas presents
  • Tent suppliers in marriages
  • cartoon winter seances
  • snumielte
  • I Totally Get It

    • useful laughing
    • kiss kiss fat mum
    • stupid winter
    • biges fart
    • ray liotta honey

    Made Me Laugh

  • odd molly socks
  • menopause and laughing
  • wooden leg woman
  • sharing a pair
  • freak laughing 
  •  The Creepies Are Out To Get Me

    • knickerless neighbours
    • knickerless photos
    • strolling around knickerless.
    • panties art 50s

    Questions I Wish I’d Asked

  • why do people smile in pictures
  • last names to bert and ernie
  • The Searchers

    27 Sep
    Champion axeman Charlie Winkle competing in a ...

    Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia via Flickr

    Some of the searches that found me:

    • the laughing ousewife – someone with a strong northern accent, obviously
    • Oday is a good day to diet – the eighth day of the week, thankfully
    • my husband is a criminal – !
    • I love being a housewife poem – as opposed to being a housewife essay…? 
    • poems about bottle caps – !!
    • brown housewife – this one is simply bizarre; I don’t get it
    • only as old as the woman I fee – sorry, sir; this is not that sort of website…
    • and my personal favourite: only as old as the woman I fell – I’m taking odds on whether it was written by a rugby player or a lumberjack
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