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On Lies And Looking Good

3 Dec
"it's a small world holiday"

“it’s a small world holiday” (Photo credit: andy castro)

I’m going to tell you a lie now:

Sorry for messing you about with my blog look.

I’m just being polite: I’m not sorry at all.

In a comment the other day, I admired the look of his blog over at Wellheregoes. Tom (aka Aquatom; though I don’t know why, because he’s not at all wet) changes his look frequently, always custom-made.  I like that.  I said so.

The wonderful Tom – in fact, let me give him a capital W: the Wonderful Tom – surprised me a couple of hours later with an email containing my very own customised look.

Even better – it means I get to keep my Bueno theme, which I know so well and which gives me most of what I need in my blog.  The Christmas Vermilion theme I used for two days was nice, but everything was squashed up and in the wrong place, rather like this house every December.  I was prepared to tolerate the inconvenience for the Christmas period but now, thanks to Tom, I don’t have to.

I am sorry I couldn’t get the garland in at the bottom of the header, but Bueno insisted I crop to fit.  Here it is in full:


I would also have had the background stars going all the way down but it made the blog a little difficult to read.  Instead, I opted for a red background and green highlights.  ‘Tis the season to be colourful.

Thank you, Tom!  I love my Christmas makeover.

My Blog’s Theme Tune

26 Feb

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