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Cheryl Cole’s Not The Only One With Problems

4 Jun

Thanks to Cindy for the best laugh of the week.


Poor Sue

29 Apr

The full story can be found here.

Is there anyone left in Britain who thinks that our Prime Minister should be allowed to run a bath, never mind a whole country? I don’t know who ‘Sue’ is, but she’s going to get it in the neck when the boss gets back to the office. Still, she has only herself to blame – fancy letting him loose in public like that. It was a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I actually have some sympathy for him: everyone is entitled to dislike anyone they please; and they are also entitled to bitch about them behind their backs. It’s not nice, but it’s human nature. What worries me, however, is that he seems to think that merely raising the immigration question makes one a bigot. He’s going to drive a lot of people into the BNP’s arms if he can’t talk rationally about something that worries so many voters.

Two curious things: Mrs Duffy seems to think – from her comments to the media – that he called her a bigot because she asked him about the national deficit; while he thought the conversation was a disaster, when it clearly wasn’t.



Day 28’s prompt was ‘inspiration’. You will see from the length of today’s poem that I wasn’t feeling it:


On Looking For Inspiration

A lot of sweat
for not much yet.


…Ummmm…just went to embed the prompt page and discovered that the prompt was actually ‘intuition’. I am mortified at being caught out in this way.  I can only claim that I misunderstood what Prompt said to me, due to being bunged up in every facial orifice. I have made my sincere apologies to Prompt and she has accepted them, though she won’t be voting for me when I bid to become Poet Laureate, despite being a lifelong Poetry supporter. I will be sending an email of apology to everyone who fears me and wants me removed as their Beloved Leader.  Jeremy Vine has also asked me onto his Radio 2 show so that I can be filmed with my head in my hands, realising that I have just lost my job and I’m serving my final week’s notice.


Just went to my Virgin home page and it’s official: Cheryl Cole is the world’s sexist woman.  Who’d have thunk it?  You’d think Richard Branson could afford to employ a proof reader; I didn’t realise the economy was quite that bad.


Did I just break the world record for the most use of the word ‘just’ in one post?



Free Poems

11 Feb

A lot of people come to my blog looking for a funny poem, particularly if there is a knickerless housewife or Cheryl Cole involved; I feel bad that I can’t oblige.  However, I came across this website today and it has all kinds of poems, funny and not, so I thought I would re-direct you: http://famouspoetsandpoems.com/

By the way, please, one of you: leave a comment telling me why you need a housewife poem.


UPDATE Tuesday 16.3.2010

I’m BEGGING you: tell me why you need a housewife poem – not a knickerless housewife poem; I think I can work that one out for myself: an ordinary housewife poem. I get so many views from Google searches that my curiousity is piqued.  I have steered you in the direction of a possible source, so I think it’s the least you can do.

 Thank you for stopping by.

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