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10 Mar

So glad to see Ray Quinn win the last-ever Dancing On Ice.  Incredible to think he’s an amateur.  Here’s his Bolero:

My favourite skate:

His solo skate:

What am I going to do now DOI has finished forever?  Sad face.

I guess I’ll have to watch Strictly.  Sadder face.

Coughsnotty And A Poll

18 Feb
Toilet roll holder

Toilet roll holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know those times when you are there but not all there?  (Don’t say that’s just me)  That’s how I’ve been this week in the blogging world.

Sorry the posts have been weak and unfunny.  I don’t know if it’s because this is a particularly nasty bug or because it takes longer to recover as we get older, but my head hasn’t been in the game.  Mostly, it’s been buried in a box of tissues (and then a toilet roll, when the tissues ran out).

I thought I was feeling better yesterday: I showered, walked the dogs and cooked a proper meal.  Then I collapsed into bed in the afternoon, too weak to watch Dancing On Ice while catching up on comments.

I’m fed up with myself and to add to my misery, a couple of commenters mentioned that Word Ads have appeared on my blog.  I haven’t signed up to them so I must investigate.  That’s where the poll comes in:

I tried signing out of my blog to look for myself, but I can’t see any adverts.  If you answered ‘Yes’, would you mind leaving a comment saying where they appear?

I need to know so I can kick up a fuss.  As soon as I have the energy to raise my leg.


Joke 655

7 Jan

Dancing On Ice started again last night, so here are a couple of ice skating jokes.  They’re not very good.  You can have mean and funny or not mean and not particularly funny.


Q: How is music like ice skating?

A: If you don’t C sharp you’ll B flat.


Tara Lipinski's tiny dress

Tara Lipinski’s tiny dress (Photo credit: litlnemo)

“This week 15-year-old gold medalist Tara Lipinski made a lot of news. She is now going to be advertising a figure skating Barbie doll. This will be the first Barbie ad where under the spokesperson’s picture it says ‘actual size.”

(From: Conan O’Brien 3/4/98)

source: http://www.jokes4us.com/sportsjokes/skatingjokes.html


Tilly Bud Is Impressed

30 Jan


Dancing on Ice

Image via Wikipedia


It’s hard to believe we’re only in week 4 of Dancing On Ice.  Check this out (the girl in black and the guy in silver are the amateurs):


Sorry it doesn’t appear here; I still can’t show You Tube videos and the WordPress techies don’t know why, without visiting me at my home and disassembling my computer.

Vanilla Nice!

23 Feb

Here’s something I never expected to see:


9 Jan

Dancing On Ice starts tonight – all’s right with my world.  Remember this?

Gimme Six!

9 Mar

Hayley and Dan were fantastic this week on Dancing On Ice.  Just watch this:


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