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I Like Being In This Much Debt

7 Apr
Stockport Bus Station and Stockport Viaduct at...

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Describe a debt you have yet to repay.

This one is easy. 

I am blessed with wonderful friends.  Some I have met, some I haven’t.  Most of them haven’t met each other.  The only reason I would like to win the lottery is so that I could throw a huge party one Friday night; fly, bus, or taxi all of my friends in to Stockport; and put us all up in a hotel.  I would do it so that I could say, ‘Thank you for being kind to me.  You don’t know how much it has meant to me, especially on blue days.’

I would buy each friend a unique gift and we would party ’til dawn; breakfast together; maybe go to the races, where everyone would be given a goody bag*, a fabulous lunch, and something to bet with; in the evening we would go to the theatre or a show.  On Sunday morning we would have a champagne breakfast where I would get very tipsy on Buck’s Fizz and I would personally see each of you to your limo/taxi/bus/old bicycle (don’t be the last to leave – I’ve run out of money).

My point is this: there are some debts that can never be repaid; but they ought to be acknowledged: I probably won’t remember every kindness you have done me, but I will always remember that you are kind.

*Don’t expect a box of Maltesers; we may be friends but we’re not that close.


**I’m just looking at the photo of Stockport at the top of this post and I can’t help wondering if anyone will turn up to this fantastic do I’ve planned.

I Have Saved Myself £12billion

7 Dec

I can’t say I’m impressed by the government’s plans to save £12billion: if I understand Sky News correctly, they simply have to stop spending.  If it’s that simple, why has it taken so long to do?  I’m really not convinced by the argument; after all, when I cut up my credit cards last week, did that mean I had saved £12billion myself?  No, I didn’t; I’m not going to see that money in my savings account anytime soon, am I?  I’m just not going to spend any more, and I’m going to be paying off past debts for a long time to come, just like my government.  And neither of us has any gold reserves with which to make the process easier.

But on to the REALLY important news: Joe McElderry is in the X-Factor final.  Another two flawless performances this weekend.  I was glad to see Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon in the final as well, though sorry that Danyl had to go; I loved his rendition of And I Am Telling You in the first live show.  It was a strong contest this year.  Oddly, however, there were no obvious standout performances as in other years: Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, for example, had some cracking shows in which they were clear frontrunners; and Ray Quinn was brilliant when he sang My Way in Leona’s year.  Joe has been consistently good, but not electrifying.  But I’ll still be voting for him to win next week: I can afford it now that I have £12billion to spare.

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