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The Noes Have It

14 May
World population distribution

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All Those In Favour Of A Separate Joke Page:  4

All Those Who Think My System Is Perfect (no guesses for which way I voted): 18

Independents (please enlighten me as to what your ‘Other’ was): 1

Total Votes Cast: 23


Democracy in action! 

If by ‘Democracy’ I mean ’23 votes from a total world population of six billion ain’t bad.’


The jokes stay on the front page.



Hanging Around – No Change There, Then

7 May

Paddy Ashdown this morning:  The British people have spoken; all we have to do now is work out what they said.

Cartoon: A HUNG PARLIAMENT (medium) by Tim Leatherbarrow tagged politics,hungparliament,general,election


Anyone who thinks that politics is boring should take a look at what’s happening here in the UK today.  No party has an overall majority; the Lib Dem bounce left them flat on their faces; some people – in Britain, of all places! – didn’t get to cast their vote; and no-one knows who is or should or will be in charge.   

If you think your vote doesn’t count speak to Glenda Jackson, who retained her majority by only 42.  What if she had been in a constituency that turned away voters after ten o’clock?

My fellow in the Stockport ward came second, but he did reduce the Labour incumbent’s majority. 

Despite my Tory convictions, I am disappointed in the Lib Dem showing.  When I saw the Exit poll last night predicting only 59 seats, I was convinced it must be wrong – as did almost every political operator in the land; but it has been proven right.   So much for a three-horse race, the power of the debates and a strong showing in the polls.  On the other hand, I am relieved: I don’t want a government that wants to introduce pass law-lite or leave me without a bomb to hide behind.  I guess when it came down to it, most Brits agree with me on that, at least.

Spud was gutted not to be able to stay off school and watch the results come in this morning.  Tory Boy has been helping to fight a new seat but that result won’t be in until this afternoon.  I think I can safely take a bath without missing anything newsworthy.  I certainly need one: the thought of the horsetrading to come over the next few days leaves me feeling rather grubby.  But that’s democracy for you.



Three At Last

6 May

As it’s General Election Day I’m going with the whole voting theme.  I am really excited about it; more so than usual.  Not as excited as I was in South Africa in 1994, of course, but that was a one-off.

I have been delivering leaflets all week for my Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.  This is a safe Labour seat so I doubt he’ll win, but at least I’ve done my bit for democracy. 

Leafleting the neighbourhood was an interesting experience.  My knuckles are raw from stiff and broken letter box flaps.  I almost lost my diamond ring and had to put it on my other hand.  People standing in their doorways glare at you, daring you to give them a leaflet; I know it’s not anti-Tory sentiment as they don’t know what I’m carrying; it’s anti-junk mail sentiment.  Huge dogs try to eat your fingers and little dogs stick their noses through low flaps.  I was surprised by the number of mail items I could have stolen if I had been so inclined: the postmen don’t push them right in. 

One door opened as I posted the leaflet.  I knocked several times and called out to let the owner know it was open.  No-one answered, but I heard footsteps and then the door was shut in my face.  I hope it wasn’t a burglar.  And if it was, I hope he at least read the leaflet and voted. 

I have been to vote this afternoon.  It was great to see a busy polling station for the first time in thirteen years.  I could write a long diatribe about voter apathy but I can’t be bothered.  I really think the debates have energised the election and I hope it stays that way.  I’m glad to see the Lib Dems doing well in the polls because we need real and vigorous debate and a strong opposition, whichever party it is.  I hope it doesn’t carry over to the actual result, of course, but a good turnout is healthy for democracy and I’ll continue believing that – whoever wins. 

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