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I Should Just Not Talk To My Children (via Sarsm’s Blog)

31 Aug

This is the first time I have ever re-blogged a post, as I usually like to hear the sound of my own voice over everyone else’s; but Sarah’s post was so funny, I had to share it.

Akasha has just drawn a princess and a castle. She proudly guided me through her drawing. The princess is wearing a lovely crown and has her legs inside her dress. The castle has lots of windows. The one above her head looks like a heart so I asked her if it’s a heart-shaped window. She informed me that the princess has fallen in love. (She’s a right romantic, yesterday she told me that her favourite moment during the Wild West Show was when the … Read More

via Sarsm’s Blog

Write Out Loud By All Means, Tilly Bud; But Please Don’t Talk Out Loud

15 Jun

I went to Stockport Write Out Loud last night at the art gallery. I managed to read four of my – admittedly short – poems without hyperventilating. I was pleased not to make a fool of myself.

I had on the same clothes all day, just changing into comfy shoes to go out to WOL.  When I popped to the loo at tea time, I discovered a split seam in the nether regions of my trousers. I wonder if they were like that all day? I did get lots of smiles, come to think of it….

Never mind. I was cheered up by seeing all of my writing buddies again. Some of them very kindly remembered that I had been going for an interview last time I saw them, and asked how it went. When I told them I didn’t get the job, I could see the embarrassed head tilts-come-smiles sliding into pity so I cheerfully pointed downstairs and said, ‘Don’t worry; I’m starting a new fashion line in crotchless pants.’

I’m so glad I didn’t make a fool of myself.


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