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I’d Like To Thank My Family…

28 Jul

Robot Cupcake Poetry has kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  The rules are that I must post the award; name seven things about myself that my readers might not know; and then nominate ten other poets; so here goes:

Seven Up

  • I cannot blow my nose without taking off my glasses
  • I cannot blow my nose in public because I have a mortal fear of being seen with snot on my face
  • I did not learn to blow my nose until I was eighteen; the Hub taught me (it was the least he could do when he was the one making me cry all the time)
  • I think my nose is my best feature
  • I HATE wearing glasses
  • As a child, filing papers in paper bags from John Menzies was my favourite activity
  • I wrote a one-act play that was premiered at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and then never heard of again (okay, I was a teenager and it was a school project, but I was reviewed in the paper and everything)

Ten Down, None To Go


Apologies if your name is on this list and you stumble across it; I have had some trouble leaving comments on blogs this morning.

Writer’s Island Prompt Number 9

26 Jun

I Don’t Recall

I never had a flirty day in Frodsham
with an owner of the red album.
I did not visit the Everyman;
never got free tickets;
could not have attended
the last-night cast party
or met the beautiful half-Greek
love child of a boxing legend.
I don’t recall a walk to school;
a white December day;
a shocked discussion;
a cute boy in a trendy coat.

No mad man.
No bullets.
no John Lennon.
I can’t.


The prompt was ‘Imagine’. I imagine many of the Islanders will immediately hear the Lennon song, just as I did. I thought about the funny ways music and musicians touch our lives though we never meet, and remembered moments from my own life that would not have happened if Lennon had never existed.

The visit to the Everyman in Liverpool was to see a play about Lennon’s life.

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