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5 Jun

The post’s title is short because that’s all I can think of today.  I promised you stories of my mucus, old buildings and new visitors; but all you’ve had are jokes.

Super Yorkie

Super Yorkie (Photo credit: Jenn and Tony Bot)

I’m tired.

I’ve had two months of constant on-the-go-ness and now I have to listen to my husband using my own nagging against me: Listen to your body!  It’s okay to do nothing for a little while. Watch telly and leave your laptop alone.  Your readers will manage to survive without you.

Okay, I don’t say that last bit to him, but I would if he was a blogger.

I’m lying in bed at lunchtime typing this, and I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t feel anything except jellyness – that feeling that you will collapse into a sticky puddle on the floor, licked up by dogs with sweet tooths and remembered only as that blogger who made us laugh for a bit till she overdid it and then disappeared into a Yorkie’s gut.

Yes, self-pity is alive and well in Tillybudland, but it’s nothing a week off and the first thirty episodes of ER won’t cure.

See you on the other side, if I don’t turn into a pudding.

Joke 797

29 May

Tiredness you can enjoy Tiredness you can enjoy

Apologies for the late joke (it has ceased to be; it is an ex-joke); I fell into bed, exhausted, last night.  But I did think of you before I slipped into a coma…and decided my sleep was worth more than your fleeting amusement.

Now that I’m properly refreshed, I can see how muddled my thinking was.

Here’s the joke:

Okay, not quite yet.  I couldn’t find a joke about being tired.  Instead, I bring you some tired jokes:

  • I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.    Steven Wright
  • I had plastic surgery last week.  I cut up my credit cards.   Henny Youngman
  • A husband is living proof that a wife can take a joke.   Hussein Nishah
  • I used to like my neighbours until they put a password on their wi-fi.   Anon
  • I’m afraid of three things: women, snakes, and the police. They all have the ability to hurt me and make it look like it was my fault.  Nikhil Saluja

Tiredness you can enjoy Tiredness you can enjoyFrom searchquotes.com


The Drooping Housewife

27 Dec

Pajama (Photo credit: Ramona.Forcella)

Apologies that I have not yet responded to your comments or visited your blogs.  I am what is technically known as ‘knackered’.  

Quite apart from the Christmas build-up and all the work involved, we have had a lot of (welcome) visitors, including on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Tory Boy arrived late on Sunday night and left at seven this morning – the first time in about six years that he hasn’t worked Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.  I was afraid I would oversleep and miss saying goodbye so of course I woke up every hour and I feel like a zombie this morning.  I managed a couple of hours on the couch, when I fell asleep watching TV.

I have decided to take a pyjama day.  I promise to wash and brush my teeth so I don’t smell, but I’m not getting dressed.  I’m going to catch up on some TV and eat leftovers.

You are welcome to visit, but bring your dressing gown and slippers.


What A Ten Days I’ve Had

11 Aug

too TI red to find sIx Word

  • I’ve offloaded my guests
  • emptied my nest
  • raised a shed
  • banging my head in the process (those peg baskets are hard)
  • I’ve packed up son’s stuff
  • dusted the fluff
  • tidied the house till there’s nary a mouse-hole to find
  • I’m done!
  • I’m all done
  • I’m done in
  • Now I’ll just be on my way – my niece and nephew arrive in three hours for a two-week stay.

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My Boxing Day

26 Dec



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