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I Don’t Like My New Desk Any More

1 Feb
Roger's Hair Loss 1

Roger’s Hair Loss 1 (Photo credit: roger_mommaerts) I’m showing you this photo because it was suggested by Zemanta even though it has nothing to do with spiders.  You didn’t want to see a picture of a spider, did you?

This morning, I brought up my first cup of tea, settled down to read some blogs and answer comments, and I felt a tickle on my chin.  My hair is so long now, it is always bothering me; I go to bed in a plait.  That started the day after I woke up, choking, to find my hair entangled in my necklace.  I plaited it every night after that and it was about eighteen months later, when I was telling a friend who was admiring my crinkles how they came about, that the question was asked, ‘So why didn’t you just take off the necklace?’

Anyway, I brushed my hair away from my chin this morning and a big, fat spider jumped onto my laptop keyboard.  It ran underneath but by the time I’d tipped the laptop, the spider had disappeared.  

Now I have a spider living in my desk and/or bookshelf; using my stationery and waiting to jump out when I’ve got the hiccups.

I may never come in here again.

So long; it was nice knowing you.


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