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Je Suis Charlie

9 Jan

Sad Paris


Kill twelve

Kill thousands

Kill me

Speech must remain free

or there is no democracy

Je suis Charlie



SOPA So Good?

18 Jan

Here’s the thing: I write.  I write in a public forum: this blog.  I have a copyright notice on display but, really, anyone could lift anything from my blog, use it elsewhere, claim it as their own, and I would never know. 

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, the US bill aiming to stop copyright infringement, sounded like a good idea to me.  And to a lot of other people, until I thought about it.  Read this article for a clear explanation:


Here’s the thing: if it becomes law, the cartoons, videos, jokes, news items and links I share with you – in spite of the fact that I acknowledge the source – will all be so well protected by SOPA that my blog could be shut down forever, and I could be prosecuted.  US citizens could face up to five years in jail.

Here’s another thing: I don’t have to do anything wrong myself: a reader could leave a comment with a link to You Tube and I could be punished.

I am not even a small fish in a big pond; I am decomposing fish poo at the bottom of the pool, unnoticed by all but my few loyal (and much appreciated) regulars, but it’s people like me they’ll come after. 

I don’t like copyright infringement or online piracy, but I appear to be inadvertently guilty of it.  Sorry about that.  Have one of my posts as compensation.

Here’s one more thing: I abhor censorship.  I hate some of the stuff that’s available on the web, but it is the price we pay for the freedom to say what we like.  I would rather you stole every one of my posts and claimed them as your own than shut even one of you down for telling a joke that you (or I) didn’t invent.

SOPA so good?  No.  It will have the ether tied up faster than you can say Chinese Government.

Don’t let them get away with it – blog about it, petition about it, protest about it.  Use the freedom of the internet to make your voice heard.  While you still can.

I’m Not Laughing Now

8 Sep
Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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Some of you know I am a born again Christian; many others will be surprised to learn it.  I don’t parade my faith in this blog because that’s not its purpose.  I only mention it now because I am appalled at what is being done in my Lord’s name: a rabid anti-Muslim church in the States has proclaimed 9/11 ‘Burn a Koran Day.’ 

As a Christian I am not supposed to judge others, but I can speak out to say that something is wrong, and this is just wrong.  Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek; to forgive those who hurt us seventy times seven times; and to love our neighbours as ourselves.  It is wrong to target a whole faith because of the terrible actions of a few who act in its name.  Al Quaeda does not represent all Muslims; Dove Outreach Center does not represent all Christians. 

I don’t post this as a defence of Christianity, but because, for evil to prevail, good men do nothing.  Most of us are good men at heart; let’s do something: Dove Outreach Center’s leader claims that they are exercising their right to freedom of speech; we should all do the same, and tell them that what they are doing is reprehensible.  Many voices make right work.

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