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This Is Getting Ridiculous

13 Oct

Infested Congested

Requested (Stay Away)


At least my family love me.

From a distance.

Virus Infected Cells

Virus Infected Cells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or, put another way: I’m milking a mild head cold for all its blogging worth…

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10 Oct


TV Germs

TV Germs (Photo credit: dsb nola)

This is what the inside of my throat looks like, I’m sure.

I’ve got germs.  I’ve got the bug that’s been doing the rounds in this house, in this town, in this country, in other countries, in the blogosphere.

My family have had it.  My friends have had it.  My blogging friends and family have had it.  Now I have it.

It’s your fault.  I’m not talking to you.


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