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9 Sep
Albino camel
Image by Kai Hendry via Flickr

I’ve talked about the number nine; I’ve talked about the number eleven.  What else is there?  Homonyms are funny; how about homonyms of nine and eleven?

There is a homonym of nine, of course: nein.  No.  That’s German.  I couldn’t find a homonym of eleven.

The only answer is to cheat: instead of making this post about the numbers or the date, I’ll make it about homonyms via my sneaky segue (‘I’ll make it about homonyms’).

For those people who have never heard of homonyms because they have a life, the definition I am talking about is of two words that sound the same but have different meanings:

homonym: a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning, and often a different spelling.

huminim: a street response to the question, ‘What is the peculiar noise coming from that fellow over there?’  ‘Hum, in’ ‘im?’


Interesting facts about homonyms:

  • …um…moving on…


What Wikipedia has to say about homonyms:

  • The state of being a homonym is called homonymy

What Tilly Bud has to say about Wikipedia:

  •  Good grief.  Is that the best you can come up with?

What Wikipedia has to say about Tilly Bud’s response:

  • No; try this for size:    A further example of a homonym, which is both a homophone and a homograph, is fluke. Fluke can mean:
    • A fish, and a flatworm.
    • The end parts of an anchor.
    • The fins on a whale’s tail.
    • A stroke of luck.

What Tilly Bud has to say about Wikipedia’s response to her response:

  • Is there a homonym for ‘moronic facts that are of no interest to my readers’?

What Wikipedia has to say about Tilly Bud’s response to Wikipedia’s response to her response:

  • …um…moving on…


Common Homonyms:

  • hear/here
  • there/their
  • everywhere/everywear/everywere
  • beetles/Beatles
  • sense/cents/scents as in: Have some common sense – don’t spend your cents on expensive scents (unless it’s a gift for me)


And that’s all, folks.  This post was brought to you today by the number

and the number

Sesame Street has got nothing on me.


Note: the image at the top of this post is of an albino camel.  I included it for two reasons:

  1. I like saying, ‘albino camel’.
  2. Albino camels have got nothing to do with this post.
  3. Just as homonyms have got nothing to do with today’s date.
  4. And because I can’t count.


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