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Imperfect Moments

1 Aug

Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Are 3D movies a fad, or here to stay?

Dear WordPress,

You do know I have a life?  Why are you wasting my time with such daft questions?

Here’s one for you: are your daft questions a fad, or here to stay?

Love, The Laughing Housewife (a 3d woman with a Z list address book)


What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try?

Can’t think of any.  I’m not adventurous when it comes to trying food, though I have eaten crocodile, shark, elephant and other exotic African stuff.  It was at a buffet restaurant called The Train, in Midrand, South Africa.  An…interesting experience, let’s say.

I’ve also eaten ostrich and caviar, on the night I surprised the Hub by taking him to The Rosebank Hotel to cheer him up during his recovery from a serious accident.  It was in the days before cable and satellite tv were in every home.  I had planned a romantic evening, but I reckoned without the boxing world title fight showing on M*NET.  However, the point of the exercise was to make him feel good, so I suppose it worked. 

Incidentally, the facilities were fabulous.  We stayed less than twenty-four hours and I took three baths, just for fun.  And Brian Mitchell won; one of the Hub’s favourite boxers, for his intelligence in the ring.


Can a camera truly capture a moment in time?

Depends if I remember not to cover the lens with my finger.



Joke 25

18 Apr

“What’s this daily charge for ‘fruit’?”  The hotel guest asked the manager. “I didn’t eat any.”

“But the fruit was available in the hotel every day. It isn’t our fault you didn’t take advantage of it.”

“I see,” said the guest, subtracting $150.00 from the bill.

“What are you doing?” spluttered the manager.

“I’m subtracting 50 dollars a day for you kissing me.”

“What? I didn’t kiss you!”

“Ah,” replied the guest,'”but I was available every day.  It isn’t my fault you didn’t take advantage of it.”

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