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10 Mar

So glad to see Ray Quinn win the last-ever Dancing On Ice.  Incredible to think he’s an amateur.  Here’s his Bolero:

My favourite skate:

His solo skate:

What am I going to do now DOI has finished forever?  Sad face.

I guess I’ll have to watch Strictly.  Sadder face.

Joke 655

7 Jan

Dancing On Ice started again last night, so here are a couple of ice skating jokes.  They’re not very good.  You can have mean and funny or not mean and not particularly funny.


Q: How is music like ice skating?

A: If you don’t C sharp you’ll B flat.


Tara Lipinski's tiny dress

Tara Lipinski’s tiny dress (Photo credit: litlnemo)

“This week 15-year-old gold medalist Tara Lipinski made a lot of news. She is now going to be advertising a figure skating Barbie doll. This will be the first Barbie ad where under the spokesperson’s picture it says ‘actual size.”

(From: Conan O’Brien 3/4/98)

source: http://www.jokes4us.com/sportsjokes/skatingjokes.html


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