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Two Down; Ten To Go

1 Mar
A "Penrose stairs" optical illusion

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You made it through month two.  How does it feel?  How has your blog evolved since you began the challenge? Have your posting strategies changed? What are you most proud of achieving thus far?

I think the best way to answer these is to make up a few statistics.  I’ll throw in some genuine numbers and leave you to figure out which ones are real.

  • Months passed: two
  • Months it takes to get pregnant: depends how drunk the teenager is
  • Irrelevant statistics in this post: seven
  • Posts made: 110
  • Days passed: 59
  • Readers lost: most
  • New subscribers: 11
  • Maltesers eaten: might be easier to count the grains of sand on a beach
  • Beaches visited: none
  • Draft posts desperate for an airing: 3
  • Daft posts written by a desperate airhead: 109
  • Links established: just have to work how to do it first
  • Dull prompts given: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Dull prompts answered: most
  • Polls created: 2
  • Useful polls created: 0
  • Typo-induced swoons: 5
  • Comments: do you really think I’ve got time to sit and count the number of comments made in the past two months?
  • 593
  • Comments since blog’s inception: 4340
  • Movies watched called ‘Inception’: 1
  • Comprehension of movies watched called ‘Inception’: 1
  • Arguments won about the endings of movies watched called ‘Inception’: 1 (a moral victory; the moral being, don’t start with me, mister, unless you want to wear that popcorn)
  • Number of people who think LeodiC looks like a fatter, shorter Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy: 1
  • Number of people shocked to just now discover there was some sort of sex scandal about Eric Dane and his wife: 1
  • Number of prudes writing this blog: 1
  • Pingbacks: I can’t afford new shoes
  • Tags: 371
  • Tags in Friends: 1
  • Episodes of Friends watched this year: 130
  • Friends ignored while watching 130 episodes of Friends this year: all 
  • New pages created: 1
  • Chuffed creators of new page: 1
  • Pages lost and had to be retrieved by someone who knew what they were doing: 935
  • Fun had writing this post: lots
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