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Easter Basket

8 Apr

Gobetween offered a basket of Easter treats.  I liked the idea so much, I have copied it.

Spud in his Easter Bonnet.  It was so heavy, he needed a pole (in his right hand) to support it and a cord (in his left hand) to balance it.  The Hub has a habit of going overboard.  His enthusiasm tends to carry him to places he would never normally go, like into marriage with me.


An Easter story:

At an Easter service in Bangladesh the congregation wept at the crucifixion scene in the Jesus film.

Suddenly a little boy at the back jumped up and shouted, ‘Don’t worry, He gets up again.  I saw it before!’



Spud the Vicar: one old tablecloth; some black card; white card; a material scrap and gold stickyback plastic.  Must be a Church of England vicar.


This happened last year:

I attended the early service in my Anglican church.  We combined with two other churches in the parish last Easter.  The church where we are now based is high church, as opposed to us low church, or enjoy-it-enough-to-almost-be-called-’happy-clappy’-if-we-weren’t-all-too-frightfully-British-to-actually-clap-in church.

The early service is extremely formal: the Gospel reading requires everyone to stand, and is made in the middle of the congregation.  I suppose the thinking is that it’s at the centre of everything.  People in long, white robes hold crosses on sticks and surround the vicar, who reads the scripture from the biggest Bible I’ve ever seen in real life.  It is all rather solemn and old-fashioned.

The reading was from Matthew; the parable of the sower.  The vicar read, And he told them many things in parables, saying, at which point he drew breath, just as the only baby in the room said, Dada!

I’ll tell you what is definitely not old-fashioned – a giggling vicar.


Happy Easter! 



What Today Is All About

25 Dec

The End

20 May

Viewfromtheside’s theme this week is The End, given our impending doom tomorrow (which confuses me, because it’s not 2012 yet).

Some people are quite frightened by all the doomsayers.  I’m not worried because Christ said, ‘No one knows the day or the hour’, so you can be as specific as you like: I’m still watching Dr Who tomorrow.

I thought you might like to see my own version of the horror story that is ‘The End’; I came across this photo yesterday:

I was reminded of two things, which I will tell you after I have first insisted that I am not a body-hating miserable specimen of a woman, but a chubby lass who eats too much and exercises too little; I am well aware that the solution is in my own hands:

  1. One of my tasks is to lose a little weight; I haven’t made any effort in that area yet.  Maltesers act as a siren’s song, I’m afraid.  Guess I’ll have to stop <gasp> buying them.
  2. A scene from Love Actually, when the PM’s assistant talks of his love interest as having ‘a pretty sizeable a**e.’  It’s nice to know I could be in the movies.

And the silver lining, of course, is that when The End really does come, if I’m one of the survivors, I’ll have plenty of body fat to live off.  I bet you all wish you had a body like mine, now, don’t you?

If Christ Had Been Born Today…

21 Dec

Thanks to earlybird for the link.

And while we’re on the subject:

I’m Not Laughing Now

8 Sep
Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

Image via Wikipedia


Some of you know I am a born again Christian; many others will be surprised to learn it.  I don’t parade my faith in this blog because that’s not its purpose.  I only mention it now because I am appalled at what is being done in my Lord’s name: a rabid anti-Muslim church in the States has proclaimed 9/11 ‘Burn a Koran Day.’ 

As a Christian I am not supposed to judge others, but I can speak out to say that something is wrong, and this is just wrong.  Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek; to forgive those who hurt us seventy times seven times; and to love our neighbours as ourselves.  It is wrong to target a whole faith because of the terrible actions of a few who act in its name.  Al Quaeda does not represent all Muslims; Dove Outreach Center does not represent all Christians. 

I don’t post this as a defence of Christianity, but because, for evil to prevail, good men do nothing.  Most of us are good men at heart; let’s do something: Dove Outreach Center’s leader claims that they are exercising their right to freedom of speech; we should all do the same, and tell them that what they are doing is reprehensible.  Many voices make right work.

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