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Joke 568

12 Oct

job (Photo credit: dickuhne)

From Pun of the Day:

I asked the man how he became a ditch-digger.  He said he just fell into it.

And Will & Guy on the subject of jobs:

Q. How’s your job going at the clock company?
A. Only time will tell.

Q. How’s your job at the banana company?
A. I keep slipping up.

Q. How’s your job on the new highway?
A. I’m so busy I don’t know which way to turn.

Q. How’s your job at the travel agency?
A. I’m going nowhere.

Q. How’s your job at the history book company?
A. There’s no future in it.

Q. How’s your job at the clock company?
A. I’m having second thoughts about it.

Q. How’s your job on the farm?
A. Problems keep cropping up.

Q. How’s your job at the sewing shop?
A. Hanging on by a thread.

Jobs For The Coy

10 Aug


An interesting job via the Arts Council:

Classical trained Saucy Alto, Sawn-off Opera

It comes with an asterisk:

*Please note – these operas are fairly saucy!


And another interesting job:

Sewist.  Bring your own ideas.


A Third

This one had me intrigued until I looked at the ad and realised a punctuation mark had been omitted in the original email subject line.  Unfortunately, you can’t check for yourself because the advert has been taken down.  I’m not the only punctuation pedant in the blogosphere, it seems:

Urgent Pianist Needed


Jobs I Would Like

29 Jun
Manners circa 1900

Image via Wikipedia

From the Arts Council website:

Volunteer Swishing Coordinator.

Apparently it’s a thing.  Clothes swapping.  Huh.

Stilt Walkers.  No previous experience needed. 

I swear I’m not making this up.


Tory Boy forwarded this Lancaster Freecycle post:

OFFER: Basic course in manners 

From: ******** 

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 20:10:44 -0000


A basic course in manners and internet etiquette available to anyone
who has forgotten how to say please or thank you when asking for
items on freecycle




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