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Vasectomy Dog And A Frog Disease Called Awesome

2 Aug


I was going to tell you about yesterday but it will have to wait until tomorrow because today I am a day late sharing the searches that found my blog.

1037 people arrived here in July via search engines; fairly slim pickings again, but here is a sample:


teeth (Photo credit: jfraser)


They sound pretty smart to me

  • the stupid things dogs and cats do with quotes


  • funny cancer
  • death sleep cartoon
  • cute buttocks
  • footrub mother in law
  • frog disease called awesome
  • bits of skin under armpit
  • vasectomy dog funny
  • irish authoress armpits

Amusing searches, apparently

  • things that no longer exist

I’m insulted

  • ugliest yorkie

There’s no place like…

  • homesick cartoons
  • cow government

I’m not going there

  • husband cemetery

Rejected Olympic Sports

  • granny laughing
  • back door porn
  • kitten scowling
  • window cleaning with a pole

There’s no ‘i’ in…

  • harry arm pits

Always with the teeth

  • smile and the world will smile with you .. no teeth guys
  • ugly big teeth cartoon
  • we lost a lot of good men out there teeth extraction
  • african woman messed up teeth
  • one direction bad teeth too serious
  • boy boring

Weirdest prize I ever heard of

  • sharks win bulls

They think I know famous people

  • julia roberts armpits revealed
  • julia roberts biceps
  • julia bathe
  • julia roberts story
  • secret rooms in buckingham palace
  • robert pattinson armpits
  • who is cesar millan girlfriend now
  • plastic face can’t smile

He gets rich from everything

  • simon cowell teeth money


My Final Word On Hair

26 Jan

I had not been swimming in ten years, and when I took it up again I thought I had better bathe and shave in preparation.  I was lying in the bath thinking I looked like Julia Roberts at the première of Notting Hill…  Let me clarify: I was lying in the bath thinking my armpits looked like Julia Roberts’ at the première of Notting Hill, and I was thinking about the photos in the newspaper.  Do you suppose she was lying in the bath that morning thinking, ‘I must remember to wax my bits…oh, what’s the point?  I’ll probably be upstaged by that Liz Hurley in some dress held together with sticky tape anyway; the only way I’ll be in the tabloids tomorrow is if I don’t wax my bits…hang on a minute…’ 

The moral of the story is: if you want your picture in the paper, don’t shave your armpits.

Or so I thought, but it’s been weeks now and I haven’t had a sniff. Not even from The Sunday People, and if they call I’m telling them I’d rather apply hot wax to my skin and pull it off with sticky paper. 

I thought this up in the bath but I have a dreadful memory, which is why I write everything down.  As I was in the bath I couldn’t write it down.  I use memory aids in the form of daft pictures in my head, which is why I imagined Julia Roberts using my wrinkle cream in our bathroom. It then occurred to me that this was completely ridiculous: as if Julia Roberts would be using my wrinkle cream! The only way I have it in is if some kind friend buys it as a birthday treat to remind me of how old I’m getting, and there’s no way I’m sharing it with Julia Roberts or anyone. Next time she sleeps over she can bring her own. 

You may think I’m a little crazy but you must realise that because of television we all feel we know famous people and can thus have imaginary conversations with them. They feel like our best friends, don’t they?

Sadly, this is not the case, as I discovered the day Julia applied for the Restraining Order and swore to the judge that the first time she ever met me was the day I politely offered to wax her bits.


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