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Name Dropper

30 Sep
Name my Peas

Name my Peas (Photo credit: doolloop)

Molly needed to go out at six-thirty this dull Sunday morning, so I found myself watching Sky News.  There was an item about a gun bar in Las Vegas, where tourists can use a shooting range.  I mention it because the owner glories in the name of Genghis Cohen.

Is that not the best name you’ve ever heard?  Surely not his own?  He must have changed it by deed poll.

He is Australian.  I don’t know why that’s relevant; it just is.

INSERT: Checking Zemanta for pictures to illustrate this post, I discovered that Genghis Cohen is not the name of the bar owner, but of the bar.  What can I tell you?  It was 06:42 when I watched it.

INSERT: Is it bizarre that I can get confused about the name but know the exact time I watched the report?


I’ve blogged about names before so, as it is a Sunday and a special day and I am bleary-eyed because of my cross-legged dog, I have cobbled together bits from four old posts for your delectation.


Charlie Brown once said:

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown (Photo credit: Air Force One)

Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “Why me?” 

Then a voice answers, “Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up.”

You’ve got to ask yourself why a seven-year old boy is asking ‘Why me?’  It’s a little creepy.



I wrote the next bit in January of this year; quite a few of these couples are no longer together.  Should the Hub and I be worried?


Bennifer was the name for J-Lo and Ben Affleck; why not Fleckz?

Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes could be Cromes instead of Tomkat.

Zac Efron and Vaness Hudgens are nicknamed ZanessaFudge would be much more fun.

Brad and Ange are Brangelina; can you think of a better one?

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have become Kerrbloom.  I prefer Bloke.

John Mayer got the nickname Johnifer after he dated Jennifer Aniston.  Was she Bran when she was married to Mr Pitt?

Reese and Jake are known as Gyllenspoon.  How about Reek?

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are Kurban.  I like Kidur.

I’m Tilly Bud, married to the Hub.

We should be known as Thud; or A Tilly The Hub.



NEAT (Photo credit: LEVEL !)

My given name is Linda.  Let’s see who skim reads.  It was given to me forty-nine years ago today.   My Mum’s friend had already taken Mum’s first choice of Amanda for her daughter, born a couple of months before me.  I never met that friend…

My name may once have been a diminutive of Belinda, just as I am a diminutive of a regular-sized person.

In Spanish it means pretty.

Before my head swells like a cobra’s, in German it means snake.  Also soft, tender, weak.  The Germans don’t miss a trick.

The Italians say I’m neat.  Thanks, Italy; I think you’re pretty neat, too.


I have told the next (true) story so many times, I’m sure you all know it; but today I get to do what I like, so here it is again:

When I was a teenager I was friends with a couple called Colin Healing and Faith Willis; they were fairly serious until he asked her to marry him. 

She turned him down because she refused to become Mrs Faith Healing.  


The name of the Hub’s orthopaedic surgeon when he had his bike accident was Ponky Firer.  Thinking about it, his name probably still is Ponky Firer.  

Yes, it is: I just Googled him.  It’s thanks to him that the Hub has a working wrist; he inserted a metal plate and six screws and, so long as the Hub doesn’t get too close to any strong magnets, he’s fine (if he ignores the arthritis which comes with age and battered bodies.  Ah, age; don’t get me started).

Funny Greek sign at Food store.

Funny Greek sign at Food store. (Photo credit: SpirosK photography)

Do you have a name story?  Drop it in the comment box.  

Have a great day!  I’m going to.

The Prompt That Got Away

30 Nov


What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?

How to say ‘no’ to ridiculous WordPress prompts.

Why does corruption exist?

Because it works.

Can it be stopped?

Bung me a fiver and I’ll see what I can do.

What can bloggers do to help?

Lend you a fiver?

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

Lily Bug.  Milly Bub.  Chilly Hood.  Filly Flood.  Dilly Dud.  Billy Budd. 
Silly Good. 

Have you ever protested for anything?

Sensible prompts.

When is it a good time to quit?

When you start repeating yourself.  This is prompt #302.  Prompt #245 was When is it ok to quit something?  Dear WordPress prompter, quit repeating yourself.  I’ll say that again: quit repeating yourself.

Write about the one that got away.

I lost a Malteser in March 1997.  I know this because I found it under my bed in 2006, alongside a copy of a letter typed in the same month.  You’ve gotta love carbon dating.


I Am An Autocracy

17 Sep
Basic data: C. Cassius Longinus (issuer). 63 B...

Image via Wikipedia

Time to name my first child.

A few days ago, I told you that Tory Boy needs a new name.  Your suggestions are below.  If you have any more you can leave them in the comments.  It’s never too late (if you don’t believe me, wait until you’ve read them all; I’m begging you for more suggestions).

I’d better warn you that your vote, while it will be counted, may not count.  When it comes to naming babies (yes, he’s 21, but I’ve told him and I’m telling you: he will always be my baby), parental preference trumps popular vote every time. 

Thank you for your input; don’t be offended if I ignore it.

For more Six Word Saturdays, click here

Be Suggestive

14 Sep

My oldest, Tory Boy, is, in law, if not in the eyes of his mother, a man.  He therefore needs a new name on this blog, because he’s no longer a boy, though he is still a Tory. 

I’m looking for suggestions.

To help you along, here’s a few facts:

  • he has his future planned: degree/military/real world/politics
  • he’s a boy man

That’s it, really.  He never tells me anything so you know as much about him as I do.

Any ideas?

I Like Not That

18 May

Image by debaird™ via Flickr

Some news items that caught my eye:

A father gave his child the name ‘Like’.  

Even though – get this – ‘he actually has fewer than 120 friends on Facebook and doesn’t really care for the social networking site.’

Well that’s alright then, as long as he doesn’t want to profit from it or get his name in the media…oh, oh, wait a minute…

It’s not as if he has the excuse of being famous; we all know how stupid that makes a parent at baby-naming time: Fifi Trixiebelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Pixie, anyone?  What were you thinking, Mr Geldof?

Maybe I’m not such a bad mother after all: ‘Tory Boy’ and ‘Spud Bud’ have a nice ring to them in comparison, don’t they?

Over in Michigan – which I have always considered to be a sensible State – a woman sold a two-year-old child on eBay. 

It appears she did it to ‘see how eBay works.’  Wouldn’t a used DVD have sufficed?  I’ve often wanted to give my children away but it never occurred to me to make a profit from them.

In case you’re worried but too lazy to click on the link, the child was removed from the woman’s care and ‘is in her mother’s custody.’ 

I must confess I’m still worried: why wasn’t she with her mother in the first place?  When I said I’ve often wanted to give my children away, what I meant was, over my dead body, rigor mortised hands clenched round their pudgy little wrists and a ‘Noooooo’ scream etched on my blue yet still attractive face.

Have sex to save the rainforests

It’s a thing, apparently.  An article in the Metro discusses ‘Eco-porn organisation F*** For Forest,’ an ‘erotic, non-profit group.’  They have 1300 members.

There is going to be a ball of some sort, at which ‘a small space where people can be exhibitionists’ will be provided.

I got this last bit from Wikipedia but you’ll have to find the link yourself because this is a family blog: In their first six months of existence the group received seed funding from the government of Norway.

You couldn’t make it up.



What’s In A Name?

11 May
Don't Know Much

Image via Wikipedia

What is the story behind your given name?

Short of taking out a superinjunction – the first requirement of which is a need to be super-rich – my feeble attempt when I started this blog to keep my name a secret was foiled by my listing on the right-hand side the places I had been published, with my full given name on view for anyone who cared enough to check.

So, here’s the worst-kept secret in the Tilly Budosphere: my given name is Linda

Oo, that WordPress prompter is sneaky, worming it out of me like that.

My name may once have been a diminutive of Belinda, just as I am a diminutive of a regular-sized person.

In Spanish it means pretty.

Before my head swells like a cobra’s, in German it means snake.  Also soft, tender, weak.  The Germans don’t miss a trick.

The Italians say I’m neat.  Thanks, Italy; I think you’re pretty neat, too.

But I haven’t answered the question: what is the story behind my given name?

My Mum’s friend had already taken Mum’s first choice of Amanda for her daughter, born a couple of months before me.  I never met that friend.


In honour of my name, I give you my favourite-ever Linda Ronstadt song: Invincible

Names are tricky things.  You Tube insists it is my favourite-ever Pat Benatar song.


<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/v/5A4xBp2rizQ?version=3“>390px; width: 640px”>


On the subject of names, I have several readers with the name Elizabeth who might be interested in this: The Gathering of Elizabeths.  Sort of like Highlander for Nice Girls Who Don’t Behead Each Other.

This story has been tickling me for several years now.  The town of Elizabeth, Illinois, attempts each year to gather together the most women with that given name.  From the website:

Over 175 years ago, three brave women named Elizabeth stood up during a raid from legendary Black Hawk and his tribe in present day Elizabeth, Illinois at the Apple River Fort, making history and saving their village.

Are you an Elizabeth or have a family member/friend who is?  Become apart of history while creating life long memories by helping to set a new world record for the most Elizabeths gathered in one place at one time.

This from THonline:

The event was held in 2008 and 2009, with 436 (the current world record) and 250 participants, respectively. The event was recognized with a Governor’s Home Town Award in 2010.

Registration for the event and information is available at http://www.mostelizabeths.com. Participants who pre-register on the event website will be given a T-shirt and goody bag after checking in at the Elizabeth Community Center.

I know I said this wasn’t a poetry blog anymore, but I wrote this poem when I first read about the story and I like the opportunity to give it an airing:

The United Beths Of America

Elizabeth town in Illinois state:
four hundred women meet up for a date.
A new world record those Elizas set:
most gals in one place with the first name Bet.



What’s In A Name?

1 Dec
Screenshot of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in ...

Image via Wikipedia

To celebrate the 1st of December, I watched It’s A Wonderful Life again last night.  It’s a wonderful film and the ending still chokes me up; I love it. 

For the first time, I noticed something about the names in the film, one of those tricks of the brain.  There’s nothing scientific about this; it’s just a bit of fun.

  • The cop is called Bert and the cab driver is Ernie.  Bert & Ernie are Muppets who live on Sesame Street.
  • Ernie’s full name is Ernie Bishop.  Ernie Bishop was a character on Coronation Street.  He was gunned down.  It’s the first television murder I remember seeing (they say you never forget your first) (actually, they don’t say that; I just put it in to be funny) (did it work?).
  • There is a bar called Martini’s.  Martini is a drink served in a bar.
  • The young brothers are called George and Harry Bailey.  My Dad’s name was George Harry.  Sadly, his surname wasn’t Bailey.  I did know a Julie Bailey once, if that helps; and there’s a Doctor Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy.  I feel like I know her*.
  • The uncle is William Bailey, or Uncle Billy.  Bill Bailey.  I feel a song coming on.  Sung by a long-haired British comedian, a trilogy by Catherine Cookson, and a scene from The West Wing when the character Will Bailey is hazed by the staff.
  • The villian, Potter, is told he will have a Potter’s field somedayPotter’s Field is associated with the death of Judas Iscariot.
  • Potter’s full name is Henry F. Potter.  ‘Harry’ is a nickname for ‘Henry’ so he is the first fictional Harry Potter.  The latest Harry Potter film is out and I haven’t seen it yet and that puts me in a very bad mood so the first Harry Potter and I have something in common.


This was taken last year; it was thicker than that last night

Last night we finally had a taste of what the country’s been moaning about.  After the film I looked out of the window and the snow was falling thick and fast, like the million clichés in this blog.  It lay untouched on the ground, so I grabbed the Hub and the dogs – having first thrown my long winter coat over my long winter dressing gown, my long winter pyjamas, my long winter socks and my long winter long johns – and we went for an almost-midnight walk.  I adore walking in night snow; it’s magical and muffled and a delicate orange**.


I had been stumped for my final poem for the Poetic Asides Poem A Day Challenge until then: write a lessons learned poem.  I’ll leave you to decide if this is based on bitter experience or imagination.


A Hard-Earned Lesson

Eat yellow
snow at
your peril





*Sad, isn’t it?

**Sad, aren’t I?


There is a new poem on my South Africa blog.

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