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Six Correct Words Saturday

3 Aug


Last night, I dreamed about grammar.


I need to find a life.  Or at least a hobby.

Photo: “Like” if you understand the appropriate use of capital letters and of exclamation marks.

Photo: Grammarly Lite—Spellchecker Designed For The Web. http://bit.ly/GLite8

Photo: Be careful with your commas, kids!

Images from Grammarly’s Facebook page.

Not Much Of Anything

10 Jul

blogging (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Life is interfering with blogging at the moment, so I am behind replying to comments.  Apologies, and I’ll try to stop doing stuff and revert to my usual blogdrone self as soon as possible.


I have started using Google Chrome as my browser and it is much better, but I have gone back to being unable to load videos.  Sigh.  Look, I’ll prove it:


O…ok…ay, that’s weird…  It appeared in my first post preview but not my second.  I’m going to schedule this post; let’s see if you can see it when it is published.  If not, watch out for tomorrow’s post, when I share a photograph of my exploding head.


I have been enjoying Gabby’s You Tube video posts this week.  Yesterday it was the Three Tenors in Paris.  I noticed something – they all have folders with their words in front of them.  I can’t see Madonna being allowed to get away with that. I guess that’s why she gets paid more.


I read a story about an accountant who put a railway in his backyard…wouldn’t you know it, he’s British?  Clearly a case of a nerd wrapped in a geek inside a dweeb.

A retired accountant who loves trains built a £22,000 railway line in his back garden.

Incidentally, when I checked my thesaurus for synonyms of ‘nerd’, one of them was ‘Trekkie’.

Guilty as charged: we’re currently watching – re-watching, for the nth time – the whole series of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Or TNG, if you’re a fellow mega-nerd.

Right on Q, the space-time continuum has been discontinued, so I’m off.

Make it so.



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