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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

20 Feb

This challenge was issued in November of last year, so I’m a little behind. Actually, the Hub says I’m a big behind, but he phrases it another way.

Blame the last nasty bug/Christmas/visitors/the dogs/the Hub/the kids/an overflowing inbox/the latest nasty bug for my tardiness.  Whatever.

The latest nasty bug keeps morphing into something else and, if I ignore having to type this in the bathroom, I think I’m pretty much over it now.

I am not so over it that I feel like taking my own photographs, however, so I will see what Zemanta has to offer.  

I am no longer a sick woman, much.  I am renewed.  I went from looking like this:

Multifari - human view

Multifari – human view (Photo credit: 0olong)

To feeling like this:

Ack! Thpppt!!!

Ack! Thpppt!!! (Photo credit: JD Hancock)

And in a day or two I hope to feel like this:


Sunshine (Photo credit: sarah 30 is still around, just workin)

Watch this space.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

12 Feb

Tory Boy has thick, curly hair.  


He was curious to see what it would be like straight, and paid a stylist five quid to find out.


‘Never again’ was the verdict.


If you are curious to see the animal equivalent of teenagers eating pizza, pop over to my South Africa blog.  No poems today; I promise.

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