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The Value Of Not Blogging

28 Oct
A deep vein thrombosis of the right leg. Note ...

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You may not have noticed, but I haven’t blogged today.  In which case, why didn’t you notice?

Hurt pride aside, it has done my body some good.  We bought a nearly new computer chair at auction to replace the old one, which gave me backache.  First time we used it and adjusted it for comfort, it dropped to knee height and stayed there, so we type in a crouched position until finances permit us to buy a chair that works.

It’s rather like sitting in economy, with elbows and knees up round your ears.  As I spend most mornings at the computer, I have developed the achingest legs outside of a Ryanair flight and I suspect I am at serious risk of developing deep vein thrombosis.  So I gave myself the day off and spent most of it stretched on the couch, to ease my legs, reading a good book, for no reason at all.

I took ninety minutes out to walk the dogs and now I am going to make dinner, if shoving frozen pizza in the oven counts as making dinner; and then I will stretch on the couch to finish my book, before retiring to bed to stretch my legs some more.

I could really get used to not blogging.


A Small Revelation

16 Feb

I promised on Sunday that the reason for my late post would be revealed. The problem is, this revelation is not very exciting, so leaving you wanting more has backfired on me. Here it is: my niece and nephew have come to stay for the half-term holiday. Great fun for us but not much in there to excite a reader.

We have had a lovely few days. We have walked the dog – of course – if by walking the dog I mean Spud and Nephew allowed me to accompany them to the football pitch and then dumped me, while Niece refused to be more than thirty centimetres from a computer screen.

The Hub took us all dog racing last night; we enjoyed that, especially eight year old Niece, who can now talk knowledgeably of outsiders and trifectas, form and odds-on favourites. She was doing rather well, better than the rest of us, in fact, until the last race when we all decided to bet everything we had on different dogs. We lost £12,000 between us. That was £1 well-spent by the Hub at a boot sale on a dvd game.

Today we took a walk into Stockport, where a fun activity day was held at the town hall. Spud, his friend and Nephew all thought it was lame and bummed the bus fare home from me; but Niece enjoyed herself. There were craft, dance, music, sport and other activities. We went across to the art gallery afterwards because I wanted to show Niece something, and then walked home. For dinner we had a hearty and unhealthy home-made pizza, crinkle-cut chips, home-made milk shakes so think they solidified in the glass and cake for afters. Yummy.

A simple life but a happy one.

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