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I Can’t Believe They Cancelled Firefly!

3 Dec

I can’t believe they cancelled Firefly!

Do the telly suits have any idea at all of what constitutes a great programme?  Drama, humour, cowboys in space?  Great hair (Zoe), suppressed love (Mal & Inara), pretty muscle (Jayne)?  Government conspiracies, real girls (plump and pretty, not skinny and pretty), great train robberies?  A really weird title song?  Okay, I’ll give them that one.  But seriously, what is wrong with these people?

Tory Boy and Spud nagged me all year to watch Firefly; I finally sat down to watch the first episode to shut them up, and I had to cancel my life until I’d finished the series.  I love my children so much; they know what’s good for me (but don’t quote me on that when it’s time to choose my nursing home).

I also found, after almost fifty years, the look that I really, really want:

2003 was a disastrous year for good television.  Idiot suits.  They’ll be cancelling Star Trek next.

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