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4 Jul

As Viv reminded me, today is 4.7.11 or 4711:


Guess the Germans should be celebrating too.

I first came across 4711 one summer as a young teen, when I and my little brother stayed with our big brother and his family in Germany.  Big Bro was stationed in Berlin, with the British army.  I saw the Berlin Wall, Berlin Zoo, the funny tower with the midday cross, the Brandenburg Gate (closed), the Reichstag, the Olympic swimming pool, drove past Checkpoint Charlie, and sat on a bench outside a German church.  I also discovered Sha Na Na on American Forces’ tv, for which I will be eternally grateful, as I was able to impress my friends when Grease came out the following year, and Sha Na Na played the band in the dance-off.  They were quite happy to let me talk all the way through the film about how great Sha Na Na were.  I’m sure.

We were in Germany for three weeks and I wanted to go to church.  There was one near the base, so I thought I’d pop along on Sunday morning.  It was only when I got there that I realised the service would be in German.  You may remember I was a wimp back then: I sat outside for an hour in the sunshine, listening to the singing, because I was too embarrassed to go back and say how daft I had been.

I’ve been to Germany three times, and I love it.  The public transport is efficient and clean, and the country is gorgeous.

The last time was a visit to a place near Iserlohne, where my brother was stationed.  We went Christmas shopping in the prettiest outdoor market and the Hub tried every German delicacy going.  It’s one of the reasons I married him: he never let a language barrier get in the way of a good sausage.


11 Jan
Exclamation mark

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Another exciting date!  Two in one month!  I’m having an exclamation mark overload!!  I could write the date with exclamation marks!   !!/!/!!

I had a look back at what happened on this date because I had nothing interesting to say about it. 

  • 1569 England: first state lottery was held.  And I bet if we’d started buying tickets back then we still wouldn’t have won more than a tenner.
  • 1770 USA (not quite): sent the first shipment of rhubarb to London.  Thank you America; I love you.
  • 1902: Popular Mechanics first published.  I threw that one in for the boys.
  • 1922 Canada: first person treated successfully with insulin.  Diabetes becomes Diabeaten.
  • 1942: Japan declared war against the Netherlands.  That struck me as peculiar: how did the Dutch upset Japan? 
  • 1949 USA: Dennis (Frederick) Greene was born.  What?  You’ve never heard of Sha-Na-Na?
  • 1973 UK: first Open University degrees awarded.  Yay, forerunners of mine.

Happy Eleven-One-Eleven, everyone!

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