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My Dog Is Sick; My Son Never Returns My Calls; My Tooth Fell Out; But Worse Than That: The Internet Is Down.

21 Jan
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I’m writing this in Word because the internet keeps going down.  You’ll be reading it live online, of course; lucky you.  What’s so great about you that you get t’internet and I don’t?  Life just ain’t fair sometimes.

You’ll see by my first paragraph that I get a little grumpy if I don’t get online the minute I want to.  It’s like a drug.  Is it possible to mainline online?  Somebody better fix something sometime soon or someone’s gonna be bashing computers against someone’s head in a frenzy of withdrawal symptoms.


Toby seems to be on the mend!  Hooray!  My posts will stop sounding like eulogies.

He ate a little chicken last night; some more this morning; some more after that; some more…you get the idea.  He’s taking his tablets, drinking tea, and looking a mite perkier.  My bad mood has lifted like someone took their foot off the internet wire and fixed the blockage (it must be lumpy ether; what else can it be?).


Tory Boy: the incredible vanishing son.  Says he needs your help then leaves you hanging, worried sick that something has happened to him because why else would he say ‘Look at this for me’ and then not send the thing to be lookited, not answer emails, nor his phone?  It was only once I sent a text threatening to visit him that he let me know he wasn’t lying in a hospital bed, beaten to within an inch of his life with no id because it had been stolen by the beaters and there was therefore no way for the hospital staff to contact his frantic mother.  I only worried because he said ‘Look at this for me’ and then nothing.  If he had said ‘…,’ I’d have known not to worry because I never do when he ignores me for weeks at a time, never calls, texts or emails.  It’s a mother’s lot to be irrelevant; I get that.  But don’t let me think I’m relevant and then ignore me – you might as well put a gun to my head and tell me to choose between Maltesers or the internet: the resulting spin would make a tornado look like a gentle blow on a puppy’s ear.


So my tooth fell out again.  Not my tooth, actually my front left veneer.  It’s now the third or fourth time.  The dentist, who keeps a spare appointment just for my teeth emergencies, tried another tack.  She sand-blasted the back of the veneer, roughed up the front of the tooth, and cemented them together.  I wasn’t sure if I was at a dentist’s or a builders’ convention.

After two hours of starvation I tested it on a packet of Chewits and it’s still there.  I may have manky teeth but I’ve got good NHS. 


Coming Soon To A Blog Near You: The Greatest Quilt Ever Made!

(Once the Hub uploads the photos)

Toby Update

20 Jan

The vet was noncommittal: she couldn’t find any lumps or blockages; we think it’s unlikely – though not impossible – that he’s picked something up outside and eaten it; he has a temperature; it may be a bug.  She’s given him three injections, antibiotics, antacids and special food.  If he hasn’t picked up by tomorrow we have to take him back. 

He was excited about the car ride but uninterested in the pet shop where the vet clinic is housed; that’s unusual because he loves going there. 

So, we are no wiser, but it doesn’t seem to be life-threatening, which is all that matters.

False Positive

20 Jan

Toby seemed better yesterday morning and ate breakfast.  He was subdued, but you’re like that when you’re getting over something, aren’t you?

On his walk he only wanted to sit, not even watch Molly run around.  He was sick again last night; and this morning. 

To make things worse, I accidentally pushed him off our (quite high) bed this morning.  He often jumps up around five and we never kick him off in our sleep; it’s like a subconscious thing.  I always give him a love when I get up and I reached out to stroke him as usual but he must have been right on the edge because I knocked him right off.  He squealed and even wet himself a little.  I feel dreadful.

Molly is cuddled up to him, like she knows something’s wrong; the strange thing is, he’s letting her.  He’s going to the vet at ten-thirty.  I’m scared, if I’m honest.

A Little Fishy

19 Jan

I’m happy to report the Tobester ate two small bowls of mackerel this morning, and kept them down.

Crisis averted and wallet intact.

Thanks for all the good wishes.  Looks like I’m not the only soppy dog owner in the world. 

Ain’t life grand?

Poor Bobo

18 Jan

Our little boy is poorly.  Not the big one who visits only on important dates or when his larder is empty; not the other one, who makes all the noise and has ‘strop’ as his default mood; but the cute one, Toby.

He charged downstairs this morning, straight to the back door, gagging.  He was sick three times.  He has refused food all day and this is a dog who believes if he’s not eating, nobody loves him.  He lives for food; we think his previous owners sometimes forgot to feed him when they left him in the freezing/boiling conservatory all day long.

His tummy has gurgled and growled all day and he has lain there looking pathetic.  He enjoyed his walk but he wasn’t as curious as usual.  He turned down all of his usual treats, including turkey jerky.  He was retching tonight but it’s just bile because his stomach is empty.

If he’s no better in the morning we will take him to the vet.  We’re not worried about the expense; if necessary, we’ll mortgage the children.

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