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Britain’s Got Talent

9 Jun

We watched the final last night and believed there was a worthy winner, but we’d have been happy if any of four acts had won.

The Luminites were brilliant throughout the comp and we were astonished they weren’t in the top three:

Richard & Adam have gorgeous voices and were so professional when the viola player ran on stage to throw eggs at Simon Cowell, I thought at first it was part of the act and she was throwing stars into the audience:

Jack Carroll, only 14 and with Cerebral Palsy, is a brilliant comedian and must surely have a big future ahead of him:

And here’s my favourite performance from Attraction, the winners, though they were all good:


Christmas Is Coming

24 Aug

The X-Factor is back.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a late convert, and I love it; but it’s a kind of modern advent calendar, because we know it will end just before Christmas – just enough before Christmas to allow the winner to have the Christmas Number One.

Simon Cowell: Scrooge with teeth.

Joe’s Got The X-Factor!

14 Dec

I was thrilled last night that Joe won the X-Factor.  He has a wonderfully melodic voice and seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I felt sorry for Olly, but he seems like another nice guy and was gracious in defeat; and these days, runners-up tend to do as well if not better than winners, so I’m crossing my fingers for him.  Poor Stacey went out on Saturday night.  I thought she gave the performance of the weekend in her duet with Michael Bublé.  They had real chemistry, and she looked fabulous in that dress – for the first time in years I felt nostalgic for my figure because I have never worn a dress like that, and now it’s too late.  Still, I won’t give up hope, because Michael Bublé still hasn’t met me yet.

What annoys me is the nay-sayers: I have read around the blogs this morning, and so many people are complaining about the blandness of the X-Factor and that type of show and how it’s the rise of mediocrity, that it makes me wonder who of the ten million who voted last night dares to disagree.  Well – I do, being one of the 6.1 million people who voted for Joe to win.  There have always been tv talent shows; the X-Factor is simply the latest incarnation.  Mark Lawson (a critic with whom I usually agree) irritated me with this: ‘…the victory of McElderry and Cowell is a defeat for admirers of high-quality or public service television…’  I don’t think talent shows come much slicker than the X-Factor; do you?  It is high-quality television in that it is well-made and entertaining.  Yes, it’s not brain-stretching telly, but so what?  It’s Saturday night and I want to settle down with my family and enjoy myself without having to think.  I would also say it is public service television: the 200,000 who applied to be on it and the twenty million who watched the final would probably agree with me.  This is just snobbery: what does Mr Lawson think Shakespeare was writing, if not entertainment for the masses?  And what would I, Mark Lawson and the 9,200,000 Google results I’ve just found have to write about this morning if it didn’t exist?

Britain’s got the X-Factor! 


A Few Random Thoughts

10 Nov

Having in the last three or so months posted long and short pieces, photos, opinions, stories and poems, it occurs to me that this blog is a bit of a Curate’s Egg.  That got me wondering who was the Curate and why did he have an odd egg in the first place? 

Wikipedia says it came from a cartoon in Punch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curate’s_egg 

Bishop: “I’m afraid you’ve got a bad egg, Mr Jones”; Curate: “Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!”
“True Humility” by
George du Maurier, originally published in Punch, 1895.

Speaking of punch, what about the result of Saturday’s big fight?  http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2009/nov/07/david-haye-nikolai-valuev-title-fight  Truly a victory for the small man, relatively speaking.    As a Kylie clone (or QEII, if you prefer) – and when I say clone, I mean Kylie squared, because I am 5′ tall and 5′ wide – I was chuffed by the result.  Patience and dogged persistence beat brute force on the day.

As pleased as I am, I didn’t actually bother to watch it; if I want to see two adults belting each other’s brains out, I just look outside my front door.  My Saturday night was spent watching John & Edward singing (and I use the term very loosely) Ghostbusters on the X-Factor. http://www.youtube.com/v/_DJrGr9Pyrc

Hilarious and entertaining and tuneless.  You’ve got to give them credit for the way they throw themselves into their routines.  If they don’t get their own tv show when this is all over, I’ll be very surprised.  You heard it here first!

Don’t you love Dannii’s changing hair? 

I was shocked to see Lucie voted off.  Either Simon Cowell wimped out by allowing it to go to deadlock, or he is fiendishly cunning and gambled on Jedward’s popularity to eject a strong contender from the competition.

Finally, I was watching Ellen DeGeneres this morning, and was impressed by two men.  The first was Kurt Warner, an American footballer who is married with seven children and brings them up right: amongst other things, if they are at a restaurant, he insists that his children must look the waiter in the eye when ordering i.e. treat them with respect.  You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIGLW6g6qaQ

The other was comedian Steve Harvey, who has written a serious book about male-female relations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PedFMBCSaVg  He talks about the ‘ninety-day rule’ – the gist of it is, ladies, if a man joins a large corporation, he has to prove his commitment for ninety days before getting any benefits.  Mr Harvey suggests that women might like to consider applying that rule to new relationships.


Sorry about not embedding the links; my techneptitude shows no signs of abating.

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