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Joke 678

30 Jan

Escargot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple were having a party at their house.  An hour before the party the woman found out that she still needed escargots, so she sent her husband out for them.

He was walking to the supermarket and he figured he had lots of time.  He stopped at a bar on the way.  An hour and a half later he looked at his watch and realized that the party must already have started.

He quickly ran to the market, bought the snails and ran home.  He tried to sneak into the kitchen without his wife seeing him, but at that moment she came out.

He quickly threw the snails on the floor and said, “Come on guys, we’re almost there.”


From ajokeaday.com

Joke 435

1 Jun
Brian the Snail 1

Brian the Snail 1 (Photo credit: jovike)

And another from Cliff, also adapted.


The Hub’s racing snail is not winning races anymore.  He decided to take its shell off to reduce its weight and make him more aerodynamic.

It didn’t work.  If anything, it made him more sluggish.



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