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There Are Stats, Tilly Bud Stats, And Google-Inflated Stats

29 Jan

I never thought there’d come a time when I would be annoyed to have four thousand hits in one day.  That day was yesterday. 

Snowflake. Small microscope kept outdoors. Sna...

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A large snowflake was measured on 28 January, 1887; I mentioned it in a post in 2010; Google Doodle celebrated the anniversary of that snowflake yesterday.  

4,225 people came to my blog in search of a Google Doodle snowflake.  4,225 people went away disappointed, without even so much as one – one, mind you, out of 4,225 – ‘Like’ or comment for my large snowflake post.

I’m annoyed.  My stats are all out of sync now.  Google Doodle better watch it; I’m in the mood to take on a conglomerate.

And what kind of multi-billion pound business celebrates the anniversaries of snowflakes anyway?  I’m so irritated, I’m not even going to provide a link to Google, Google Doodle, or any snowflakes.  That’ll teach ’em.



Hacked Off of Stockport.

I Am A Snow Flake

28 Jan

Is it snowing in the blogosphere?

Snow in Veria

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It is only 10:44 in the morning and I’ve had 884 hits on an old post, Some Snow Facts.  Over six hundred people found it because they want to know the size of the world’s largest snowflake. 

For the record, it was 15 inches in diameter/38cm wide and 20cm thick.  It was observed in Montana, USA in 1887 and described by witnesses as “larger than a milk pan”. 

What a useless description – how many people use milk pans these days?  If one that size fell today, would we describe it as “half the size of a microwave – a big microwave, that is; about 2/3 of a small microwave, probably, unless you want me to go by the size of the inside, measuring around the glass front.  Does it matter what colour the microwave is?  I got it from IKEA: does that help?”


As my stats for today are almost at 2000, I Googled ‘World’s Largest Snowflake’.  Guess what?  Google Doodle are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the world’s largest recorded snowflake.

Thanks for mucking up my stats, Google.  Time to give you the cold shoulder.  Consider me an ice maiden.  Who looks like a snowman.

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