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This One’s For Spud

5 Jul


May your days be sunny, your sleep uninterrupted and your results all you hope!


It’s Warm At Last!

22 May

Three weeks into the fifth month of the year and we finally get some sunshine; I thought it was never coming.  I’m sitting here all sweaty and smelly and it’s lovely. 

The English have already started complaining that it’s too hot, of course.  We English – and I say ‘English’ instead of ‘British’ because you never hear the Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish moaning about a bit of sunshine – like our weather mild and our problems weather-related.

There are two types of English in the summer: those who complain at the first sign of melting frost that they can’t stand the heat; usually women.  And the belly-barers: always wobbly; usually men; and roasted like a red pepper at a barbeque.  Actually, that goes a long way to explaining why the complainers are usually women.

To celebrate the advent of summer – long may it reign; please don’t let it rain –  and summer whiners, I dug out a couple of senryu for you:


Thought about writing
a senryu, then  I just
couldn’t be bothered.


Dog Day Afternoon

Spring day; a walk in
the park: the triumph of hope
over effluence.

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