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Tag, You’re It

5 Nov
funny tag

funny tag (Photo credit: Phil Denton)

My tag line is There’s Always A Silver Lining.

On another blog just now, I wrote in the comments, focus on the silver lining, not the cloud.  

I’ve been thinking of changing my tag line for a while, if I can only find the time between Bomp Bomp games; this is what I was thinking of: Sharing the laughter.

So, dear readers, which of them shall it be?  

I will abide by the majority vote.*

*And then change it to something else when you’re not looking, if I don’t like it.

Jungle Jolly

7 Aug

It’s that time of year: the local kids come to watch Auntie Tilly dress up in funny clothes and act out execrable but well-intentioned scripts.  Yes, Church Holiday Club is upon us once more.

It was more 'Pirates of Penance' than 'Penzance'

It seemed like a good idea last year when I volunteered; and I did enjoy it, which is why I volunteered again.  But I forgot how scared I felt beforehand.  I’m sitting here with caterpillar offspring where my stomach should be, and not liking it.

It also means, of course, beloved readers, that I won’t be around as much this week.  I know, I know, it was selfish of me to schedule the decorating week so close to the holiday club week, but what could I do?  I am much in demand, as I told the vicar when I cornered him about pleeeeease letting me in again.

They had to accept my help when they realised that the theme was jungle and I’m the only one who’s lived in Africa, so I have all the great props.  I didn’t let on that in Africa we have bush, not jungle.  It’s a common misconception and the kids won’t know the difference so don’t you say anything.

I have scheduled some short posts for you.  I will get to your blogs and comments but I may be a day or two late.  Don’t desert me.

Now, where did I put that spear?  I’ll need it for the lion.*

*Spot the deliberate mistake.



I’m having a giggle to myself this morning.  Adding my tags, I used ‘jungle’ and thought I should include ‘bush’, because people confuse the two.  One of this post’s themes is mistakes.  A lot of people are going to be seriously annoyed when they Google President Bushisms and find themselves reading this.

Never misunderestimate the power of a good tag.


7 Jan

I have often thought I should make a note of the searches that lead people to my blog but I have never gotten around to it.  Common ones are housewife sex cinema; dirty housewife; and, surprisingly, given that it is 21 years later, Michelle Bruce Miss South Africa 1989 (though she was the most gorgeous woman with a personality to match).  They must get a real shock when I turn up.   It never occurred to me that ‘housewife’ could be construed as slutty; I believe I go more in the 1950’s wholesome direction, apart from the fact that I think ‘housework’ is a dirty word. 

I mention all this because today an internet search turned me up that made me go Eeewwgghh!  I can’t imagine what the person looking up licking smelly shoe inserts made of my trivia and bad puns.  And I’m a little offended to think I might appear on any such list.  And baffled, actually: I can’t say it’s an activity I’ve ever engaged in, much less written about.  It stinks.  Something is afoot, methinks.

A message for my foot fetish visitor, if he ever comes back:

Sorry if it seems like I’m putting the boot in, but I’m really not your style.  

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