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Why I’ll Never Leave The Hub

20 Feb

I went out to visit a friend this afternoon; I found this hidden in my laptop when I got back:

Photo by Best DSC!

Photo by Best DSC!

It was a song I’d never heard before.  Read the lyrics when you listen:

What woman in her right mind would willingly give up such a romantic?  

Not me, that’s for sure.

In TillyBudLand, Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

I’m bored with all the hype surrounding today.  Blame the Hub: once he put the idea into my head that you don’t need a special day to show your love; if you love someone you should declare it every day, then I stopped seeing the point of Valentine’s.

The man is as good as his word.  A random scan of my kitchen revealed the following:

   I often open my diary to discover a little love note.  He likes me to start my day with a smile. 


  This is from my noticeboard; he found a piece of sponge and cut it into the shape of a heart. 


  This was from last year’s anniversary; he cut out and numbered every heart, then strung them together:


  This is on my fridge.  The heart was cut from a spare piece of card he had lying around.  The flowers are from copper wire the kitchen workmen left behind.

I’ll be honest: he’s stubborn; he’s annoying; he’s always right; and he hangs on to every bit of crap he can.  But when a man demonstrates his love every day in tiny ways, not just leaving love notes, but the caring touches, like plaiting my hair every night before bed; dragging himself out to walk the dogs with me when he’s feeling ill; telling me every day that he loves me, then he’s worth hanging on to.

I poke fun at him every day in my blog and to his face, but he’s the love of my life.  So, if a non-soppy, non-showing-how-much-she-loves-him person can’t use Valentine’s Day to say, ‘I love you, darling,’ then she doesn’t deserve him.

Normal service will be resumed immediately, because I feel quite nauseous from all of this slop, but for now:

I love you, darling.  Thank you for loving me.

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