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My Ten Favourite Things About Blogging

14 Mar
This chimpanzee was enjoying a snooze this sun...

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Three hours’ sleep last night.  A bit of a repost for you. 

A bit, because it is part of a greater whole.  Not ‘greater’ as in ‘better’ than this (let’s face it – how could it not be?  One paragraph in and even I’m confused.  What can I tell you?  Three hours’ sleep last night) but ‘greater’ as in, ‘there’s more than this but you’ll have to go back to the original post to find it.’  Which you can’t do ’cause I copied and pasted the bit that I wanted to use and then clicked ‘Add new post’, forgetting to keep open the original post so that I…oh, who cares?

Three hours’ sleep.

Where was I?

Um.  Oh, yes: my ten favourite things about blogging:

  • Meeting all you wonderful readers and your delightful blogs.
  • Learning the art of sucking up.
  • Finding interesting titles.  Today’s being the exception that proves the rule.  I never got that: how can an exception prove a rule?  Surely it disproves a rule?  And what’s with the sudden fashion of announcing ‘proven’ as ‘proven’?  Sorry; you want a side order of clarification with that?  What’s with the sudden fashion of announcing ‘proooven’ as ‘pro-ven’?  Irritates me no end, and not just because I only had three hours’ sleep last night.
  • Sharing searches that find me.
  • Reading comments – you always surprise me.
  • Feeling like Sally Field at the Oscars – you like me; you really like me!  But we’ve been there, so maybe I’ll scratch that one.
  • Reposting.  (Three hours’ sleep last night).
  • That some of you can’t count to ten; and most of you won’t bother.
  • Your indulgence of daft posts like this when I’ve had only three hours’ sleep.

The Elephant In The Blog

29 Sep

I was going to start this post with Sally Field’s famous Oscar speech, You like me!  You really like me!  But it turns out she didn’t say that at all.  Searching for a picture, I came across this blog, and the author tells us what Sally actually said was,

I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me

Which is a better fit for what’s been happening this last week or so to The Laughing Housewife.  By the way, I’m not speaking of myself in the third person: The Laughing Housewife  laughs all the time, is in a permanently good mood and is never short of blogging topics; The Laughing Housewife author is crabby, headachy and usually scrabbling around for something to write about.

It’s The Laughing Housewife you like, and you’ve been saying so quite a bit; recently I have received:

  • Two Liebster Awards
  • Nomination For Fours
  • Tagging For Fives
  • At least seven Versatile Blogger Awards

I’m not using my usual hyperbole with that last one, I promise; I think it might actually be more, but (I blush to admit it) I lost count.

First and foremost, I have to say this – loud – to you all:


I am.  To receive an award from a fellow blogger is – apologies for the word; I assure you this is also not hyperbole – an honour. An award says, ‘I like your blog enough to write about it; to link to it and encourage others to visit you.’ That’s a nice thing to do; I’m grateful.  It is lovely to know that you enjoy my blog enough to want to share it.

Here’s where the elephant comes in: I received the nominations; I sweetly thanked the nominators, and did nothing: no four-five-seven things about me; no nominating others; no adding the widget. I did that once, the first time I received an award. I was new to blogging and didn’t realise it was, effectively, chain mail. When I tried to pass it on, everyone declined. Not one person wanted it. I thought about that; I realised it was chain mail; I resolved to never again be so taken in by a widget in a fancy dress.

You have gifted me with these awards, then, and I have done nothing.  Blogging is of the moment: people quickly move on (you like me right now; I’m not in danger of forgetting that you might not like me tomorrow); I had hoped that those who passed on the awards would forget that they had nominated me and not be offended if I did not respond.  But you haven’t been allowed to: awards have flown in like Maltesers under the tree on Christmas morning.  To continue to say nothing has become embarrassing.  So, once again, let me tell me how much I appreciate these awards.  And what I have against them.

They are chain letters. I hate chain letters. Chain letters frighten people with their threats that bad things will happen if they are not sent on.   People feel obliged to pass on these awards, and are afraid to offend the givers. 

If you receive a real chain letter in  your inbox, I urge you to send it to me if you are frightened, and I will do the electronic equivalent of burning it: that’s what the trash bin is for. I’ve always trashed them and nothing bad has happened to me, if I discount the Hub’s ill health, unemployment, homelessness, four dead parents…erm…um…

And did you ever hear of anyone suddenly coming in to £20,000 after obeying their dastardly instructions?  Me neither.  Of course, nothing bad will happen if I don’t pass on these awards, if I don’t include offending the kind bloggers who sent them to me in the first place; but I can’t see one without thinking ‘Arrgh!  Chain mail!’

So, in case I haven’t mentioned it, thank you for the award, I really do appreciate the thought; but I’m afraid I think too much of you all to pass it on: I prefer to highlight your blogs in posts as they naturally occur.  I guess you’ll have to consider this one of my seven things you didn’t know about me, alongside the fact that I can’t blow my nose without taking off my glasses first; or in public: too many people; too much snot.

Let’s Get Serious

2 May

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What do you want to accomplish with your blog? What is it for?

To make you laugh.  S/he who laughs last, lasts.  People who laugh live longer.  Unless they get hit by buses while doing it.

Laughter isn’t the best medicine (if it was, I could stop donating to Cancer Research), but it’s the best coping mechanism.

When I started my blog – to stop Tory Boy’s nagging – I was simply looking for an outlet for my writing.  I had no focus.  I wrote about my life and tried to make it funny, bunging in the occasional poem or cartoon.  Then I discovered that the funnier I was, the more comments – and visitors – I received.  Because people like to laugh.  I elbowed the poems, changed my tag line, and learned to do with less sleep as I sweated over finding the funny in everything.

To celebrate being thirty three percent done with Post a Day/Post a Week, share your top three favorite posts that you’ve published since starting the challenge.

I posted 78 times in April alone; I have no chance of recalling a favourite.

Instead, I’ll tell you my favourite things about blogging:

  • meeting all you wonderful readers and your delightful blogs
  • learning the art of sucking up
  • finding interesting titles – not always, as today’s title shows
  • sharing searches that find me
  • reading comments – you always surprise me
  • feeling like Sally Field at the Oscars – you like me; you really like me!


Looks like Orson Scott Card had it wrong, by the way: the dirtiest word isn’t Third.*

*A preview of a future prompt.

And one final thing I love about blogging:

  • having a place to disgorge random thoughts and knowing that you can’t understand all of the Tilly, all of the time, but you don’t seem to mind
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