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Tuesday Tattle

24 Sep
222/365: Droodle glass

222/365: Droodle glass (Photo credit: add1sun)

2013 has been a great year in many ways, but I do seem to have had a lot of minor ailments.   As someone who hardly ever gets sick except for the occasional cold, I am beginning to feel irritated with myself.

Or I would, if I didn’t feel so unwell.  It’s a sore throat, congestion and queasiness today.  Nothing a two-hour afternoon nap and a shout at the Hub can’t cure, I’m sure.

Maltesers bucket

Maltesers bucket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thank you to those of you who have sent jokes in exchange for the hope of a box of Maltesers.  There’s still plenty of time to email them to thelaughinghousewife@gmail.com.  I’m looking for a good ‘un for Joke 1001.


I signed up for another creative writing class which began last night at the local high school.  It must be my fourth in as many years.  They are a great stimulus to writing, a way to make friends (you can never have enough friends; especially when you have a birthday coming up), and jolly good fun, too.  

However, I forgot that we have to do fiction writing and I don’t like fiction writing, except about my life (you didn’t really think the Hub was happily married, did you?).  I have to create a character for next week and even I can see he’s cliché-ridden and a bit of jerk (sorry; I was daydreaming about…no, I’m not going there: it’s my birthday next week and I want him to be speaking to me).

Todays doodlegirl brought to you by generous d...

Todays doodlegirl brought to you by generous dontations from Al Literate, Cade Ants, and Rye Mann (Photo credit: Graela)

In an effort to stave off the worst of this bug and lose weight at the same time, I have overdosed on Vitamin C today (too much Vitamin C acts as a natural laxative, apparently).

I had lemon juice in hot water but it tasted salty.  Does anyone know why?

I do hope it’s not that the dishwasher isn’t rinsing properly.

On the other hand, that would explain my general germiness.

King Germ

King Germ (Photo credit: eat more toast)


Snotty & Grotty

12 Oct

course of growth of a texture: (1) First cryst...

No, not the lawyers I have retained to sue every sniffler with whom I have come into contact over the last two weeks, including my beloved but disgustingly infectious family; not two of the original Nine Dwarves; not the opening line of a seasonal song.  Snotty and grotty is how I am feeling today.

That is despite my dear friend Pam leaving a gift bag of Vitamin C outside my front door.  She didn’t want to disturb my rest so she sent me a message to say it was there, when she got home.  My head was so mushy that I was delighted to read the email, but I didn’t think to open the front door and collect the bag until several hours later, once I’d had a nap.  Fortunately, the rain sweeping across the country to complement my streaming eyes and nose didn’t start until after I’d picked it up.  

The bag contained a bottle of orange juice, various citrus fruits and – thoughtfully – a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Viv wondered how I’m managing to blog when I’m so poorly.  Unfortunately, a nasty bug-come-head cold leaves one with a sort throat, spotty nose, banging headcase, temporary loss of blabber control, flirting teeth and much for brains, but there’s nothing wrong with my tiepin fingers, so I have no excuse not to bolg.  

I am here until further notice or until the Hub protests one too many times at having to clean the keyboard and monitor.


The answer to yesterday’s pictogram:

Eye ham still hill hand knot talking 2 ewe.

I am still ill and not talking to you.

Knot true, of course: I’ll be talking to you in court.

This may come as a surprise to you, my dear readers, but I am not particularly good at being ill.


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