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A Treat For Doctor Who Fans

28 Feb

It’s about four years late but I’ve only just seen it.


Joke 967

15 Nov


I’ve been watching my birthday Doctor Who DVDs.  Here are some really bad Doctor jokes:

Ducktor Who: Pond-Lord

Apologies if you’re not a Doctor Who fan but, really…what’s wrong with you?

And here’s a treat if you are a fan – it’s not funny; it’s war:

Knock, Knock! Who’s There!

1 Sep
LEGO Doctor Who (Collection)

LEGO Doctor Who (Collection) (Photo credit: ChocolateFrogs)

Happy Saturday!  

Doctor Who is back.

I love Doctor Who.

He’s been gone too long.  

I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory.  Although I don’t game like Leonard and Sheldon and Howard and Raj, like them, I do love Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction in general and Doctor Who in particular.

It is possible I am a nerd.  At the very least, a geek.

I don’t care.  Doctor Who is back.

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I’m Scaring Me Now

21 May
The Manchester City team which won the 1904 FA Cup

Image via Wikipedia


Remember my prediction post of two weeks ago?  Here are my predictions again because I know most readers can’t be bothered to click on the link; it’s not like I don’t already give you enough to read; what do I want?  Blood?  You have a life, too, you know:

  • I will watch Doctor Who
  • Man City will win the FA Cup
  • I will go to church
  • I will write poetry
  • I will eat too much/blog too much/moan at the Hub
  • I will tell my children I love them
  • I will make fun of stupid WordPress prompts

You will be amazed to learn that I had a 100% success rate.  Every single prediction came true (though Number Two was helped along with a little prayer and a lot of sweat and nausea).

I’m rather frightened at how good I am; I didn’t know I possessed such talent.

Have you made any predictions lately that came true?  And how loaded were you?  I’m sorry; I meant, how loaded were they?

The End

20 May

Viewfromtheside’s theme this week is The End, given our impending doom tomorrow (which confuses me, because it’s not 2012 yet).

Some people are quite frightened by all the doomsayers.  I’m not worried because Christ said, ‘No one knows the day or the hour’, so you can be as specific as you like: I’m still watching Dr Who tomorrow.

I thought you might like to see my own version of the horror story that is ‘The End’; I came across this photo yesterday:

I was reminded of two things, which I will tell you after I have first insisted that I am not a body-hating miserable specimen of a woman, but a chubby lass who eats too much and exercises too little; I am well aware that the solution is in my own hands:

  1. One of my tasks is to lose a little weight; I haven’t made any effort in that area yet.  Maltesers act as a siren’s song, I’m afraid.  Guess I’ll have to stop <gasp> buying them.
  2. A scene from Love Actually, when the PM’s assistant talks of his love interest as having ‘a pretty sizeable a**e.’  It’s nice to know I could be in the movies.

And the silver lining, of course, is that when The End really does come, if I’m one of the survivors, I’ll have plenty of body fat to live off.  I bet you all wish you had a body like mine, now, don’t you?

May Forecast

8 May
Manchester City crest from 1997-present

Image via Wikipedia

Make a prediction about something you think will happen next week.

I can give you several:

  • I will watch Doctor Who
  • Man City will win the FA Cup
  • I will go to church
  • I will write poetry
  • I will eat too much/blog too much/moan at the Hub
  • I will tell my children I love them
  • I will make fun of stupid WordPress prompts

Number Two is a fervent hope and has to happen because I don’t want a bunch of grown men and teenage boys wetting my carpet with their tears next weekend. 

The rest will definitely come to pass.  The moon is in Mars and the stars are aligned with my bar of Galaxy chocolate, so I know these things.

Who Loves Who? I Do

1 May
Rory Williams

Image via Wikipedia

Doctor Who started again last week.  Yay! 

The opening two-parter was pretty good, though I thought the bit where Amy said the bit when she was in the bit and Rory and the Doctor thought something other than what it was (don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t seen it), was a little weak.

Rory is one of my favourite characters.  When he first arrived he seemed rather pathetic, but ever since he became a Roman Centurion and guarded Amy for two thousand years, I’ve liked him.  I’ve got a bloke just like that at home: if I was ever locked up in a place where I couldn’t get out for two thousand years, I know the Hub would be just outside, keeping me safe.  You can’t buy that kind of security.  Or peace from a complaining wife.

The advantage of being locked up for two thousand years is that we wouldn’t keep each other awake with our snoring.  And I’d be bound to lose a little weight. 

I’ll admit, I’m tempted.

Never Misunderestimate A Son’s Love For His Mother

24 Nov

A proud moment and yet I'm dressed like a weird movie villain

Tory Boy to me on the phone the other day:

Dr Who was right: some points in time are fixed.  You are going to be one of those crazy cat ladies some day, aren’t you? 


Please check out my other blog.  I’ve posted a couple of new poems.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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