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Joke 955

3 Nov
Wedding - Funny

Wedding – Funny (Photo credit: Jacobus van Eeden)

Mrs. Sullivan and her little daughter Patty were outside the church, watching the comings and goings of a wedding.

After the photographs had been taken, everyone had driven off to the reception, and all the excitement was over, Patty asked her mother, “Why did the bride change her mind, Mommy?”

“How do you mean, change her mind?” asked Mrs. Sullivan.

“Well,” said the child, “she went into the church with one man and came out with another.”


From ajokeaday.com

Joke 533

7 Sep
Wedding Reportage

Wedding Reportage (Photo credit: flavio.leone)

Wedding Quotes from Will & Guy.

You know what I did before I married?

Anything I wanted to.

Henny Youngman


Any husband who says, “My wife and I are completely equal partners,” is talking about either a law firm or a hand of bridge.

Bill Cosby


I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage.  They’ve experienced pain and bought jewellery.

Rita Rudner


My wife dresses to kill.  She cooks the same way.

Henny Youngman


My wife and I were happy for twenty years.  Then we met.

Rodney Dangerfield


A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong.

Milton Berle


I was married by a judge.  I should have asked for a jury.

George Burns

Joke 532

6 Sep

From Will & Guy.

Jacob, aged 92, and Rebecca, aged 89, living in Devon, are excited about their decision to marry. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding, and on the way they pass a chemist’s. Jacob suggests they go in.

Jacob addresses the man behind the counter: “Are you the owner?”

The chemist answers, “Yes.”

Jacob: “We’re about to get married.  Do you sell heart medication?”

Chemist: “Of course we do.”

Jacob: “Medicine for rheumatism?”

Chemist: “Definitely.”

Jacob: “Medicine for memory problems, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s?”

Chemist: “Yes, a large variety.  The works.”

Jacob: “What about vitamins, sleeping pills, fibre powders?”

Chemist: “Absolutely.”

Jacob: “Everything for heartburn and indigestion?”

Chemist: “We sure do.”

Jacob: “You sell wheelchairs and walkers and canes?”

Chemist: “All speeds and sizes.”

Jacob: “In that case, we’d like to use this store for our wedding presents list.”

Nice Day For A White Wedding

1 Jun

Restless Jo in Portugal posted her wedding photos and asked her readers to do the same.  Click on the link if you want to join in.  Please!  I’d love to see your wedding photos.  You choose from which marriage 😉

As chance would have it, it’s my 27th wedding anniversary today (it’s the Hub’s as well, but don’t remind him; he’s miserable enough).  To celebrate, here are some photos.  They are not very good because the photographer was really bad and the Hub winces when he looks at them.

At least, I think that’s why he winces…

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Joke 415

12 May
Български: Метли за улична продажба English: B...

Български: Метли за улична продажба English: Brooms for street sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to Benzeknees for letting me use this one.

Two brooms were hanging in the closet and after a while they got to know each other so well, they decided to get married.

The bride broom looked very beautiful in her white dress.  The groom broom was handsome and suave in his tuxedo.  The wedding was lovely.

After the wedding, at the wedding dinner, the bride broom leaned over and said to the groom broom, ‘I think I am going to have a little broom!’

‘Impossible!’ said the groom broom, ‘we haven’t even swept together!’

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