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21 Dec

I promised Tinman that, if we were all still here when the deadline passed, I’d reblog this post.

Please do yourself a favour and read it – it explains everything.

Worth Doing Badly

It began with a boy band.

Cojonez, the teen sensations who made Mayan maidens swoon with their renditions of other people’s ballads, and especially with their song about human sacrifices being tossed into the volcano (“Flying Without Wings”) wanted to “give something back to their fans”, in other words find some sort of merchandise that said fans would pay a lot of money for.

They went to see young local artist Hotwotlbotl and got him to do a calendar for the coming year, 250 BC, with a picture of one of them on each page. By March they had all sold out, so they asked him to start on 249 BC (no, I don’t know either). Then, well aware that the popularity of boy bands can be fleeting they got him to do the next five years as well.

They had woken a sleeping dragon. Hotwotlbotl had been the kind…

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Hits

21 Dec


It’s the end of the world today.

See you on the other side.

Or tomorrow; whichever comes soonest.



Joke 638

21 Dec

Signs You’ve Had Too Much Holiday Cheer

  • You strike a match and light your nose. 
  • You take off your shoes and wade in the potato salad. 
  • You hear a duck quacking and it’s you. 
  • Christmas ElfYou tell your best joke to the rubber plant. 
  • You refill your glass from the fish bowl. 
  • You complain about the small bathroom after emerging from the closet. 
  • You ask for another ice cube and put it in your pocket. 
  • You tell everyone you have to go home…and the party’s at your place.
  • You have to hold on to the floor to keep from sliding off.
  • You pick up a roll, and butter your watch. 
  • You yawn at the biggest bore in the room and realize you’re in front of the hall mirror. 
  • You take out your handkerchief and blow your ear. 
  • You suggest everyone stand and sing the national budget.

From ahajokes.

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