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I Speak Truth: Don’t Trust Me

13 Feb

Have you ever lied about your age? Why?

I have never lied about my age.  I never saw the point.  I have always looked younger than I am: a pain at eighteen when I was the oldest in our group but the only one who had to show i.d. to get into a disco; not such a bother now.

How old do you think I am here?

Oscar Wilde once said:

One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know that Oscar is probably right.


Rules And Adulation

13 Feb
Uma Thurman as Medusa - Percy Jackson

Image by WorthingTheatres via Flickr

Having just watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt, I’m a little miffed that Uma Thurman in a bad hat or as a severed head with snakes for hair still looks better than I do.  Must be all that Hollywood clean living: I know those poor multi-millionaire actresses have to spend a lot of time abiding by strict diet and lifestyle regimens to maintain their lush looks and fabulous figures.  Therefore, I have decided to set a few rules and general guidelines to make Tilly Bud Tilly Blooming Lovely, Non-Repeller, Relaxed, Affable, Clean, and at peace with herself, and then everyone will love her:


  • Tilly Bud shall forthwith cease and desist speaking of herself in the third person.
  • I’ll stop the pompous gobbledygook and balderdash as well.
  • I will address the next lot of rules to ‘you’ because the use of first person negates the funny.  Take it as read that ‘you’ is ‘me’.


  • When you eat the last Malteser, don’t open another box for at least an hour.
  • Stop eating: you cannot starve to death in a morning.
  • Exercise is not the enemy.  Dance, be a flibbertigibbet, chase the Hub around the house.
  • Galaxy Bubbles are not an acceptable substitute for Maltesers.  Nor are Galaxy bars, Galaxy Ripples or Galaxy Minstrels.
  • They can, however, be enjoyed as a side dish.


  • Never miss an opportunity to clean.
  • The synchronicity of a dust bunny behind the couch and a vacuum cleaner in your hand should never be overlooked.


  • Nothing bad will happen if you stay offline for ten minutes.
  • If your hand resembles a claw, put down the mouse and step away from the pc.


  • It’s okay to be nice to the Hub.
  • Really.
  • Just because your child didn’t call doesn’t mean you are
  • A) a bad mother or
  • B) he doesn’t love you. It means he’s a bad son who doesn’t appreciate your stretch marks.
  • Dogs are not substitute children.


  • It’s okay to be nice about the Hub.
  • Really.
  • Serendipity gave him to you; keep him sweet by throwing out the occasional compliment.


  • Stupid is as stupid does: pick a side.
  • Life is like a box of chocolates: you can be a soft centre and a nut.
  • Really.
  • Forrest Gump is not the Oracle.  And that’s all I have to say about that.
  • Never miss an opportunity to laugh (the first point under ‘Home’ refers)

What would your rules be?  Why not blog about them and leave a link here?

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