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In Memory Of A Beloved Rodent

11 Jan

Callie The Gerbil, RIP

independent; she had her pride.
liked sitting by our pet dog’s side.
snug in her bed, she upped and died.

she lived for food.  and food.  and food.
ever the lady, she always chewed.
she never burst, but she’s still dood.

she liked to sit alone to feed;
privacy her greatest need.
she popped her clogs; poor Callie’s deed.

nothing bad she ever said.
her best hobby: being fed.
it makes me sad to think she’s dead.


And just to prove you can’t fight instinct:



11 Jan
Exclamation mark

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Another exciting date!  Two in one month!  I’m having an exclamation mark overload!!  I could write the date with exclamation marks!   !!/!/!!

I had a look back at what happened on this date because I had nothing interesting to say about it. 

  • 1569 England: first state lottery was held.  And I bet if we’d started buying tickets back then we still wouldn’t have won more than a tenner.
  • 1770 USA (not quite): sent the first shipment of rhubarb to London.  Thank you America; I love you.
  • 1902: Popular Mechanics first published.  I threw that one in for the boys.
  • 1922 Canada: first person treated successfully with insulin.  Diabetes becomes Diabeaten.
  • 1942: Japan declared war against the Netherlands.  That struck me as peculiar: how did the Dutch upset Japan? 
  • 1949 USA: Dennis (Frederick) Greene was born.  What?  You’ve never heard of Sha-Na-Na?
  • 1973 UK: first Open University degrees awarded.  Yay, forerunners of mine.

Happy Eleven-One-Eleven, everyone!

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