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Scaring Away Junk Mail

3 Feb


Typical advertising mail

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Do you ever get those letters from survey companies, asking you for information ranging from the make and model of your car to your baby’s shoe size and how much money you are willing to part with so that charities can hound you for the rest of your life, all for the gift of a homemade pen the length of your little fingernail?

The Hub received one and started to fill it in but got hacked off at the level of intimate detail they required.  He chucked the form in the shredder, took a blank piece of paper, wrote ‘Boo!’ on it, folded it in half and stuck it in the pre-paid envelope, and sent it off.

We haven’t had any mail from that company since.



3 Feb

I was reading about Titanic on Tinman’s blog, and I pondered the question that has puzzled me ever since that disastrous night – why did Rose throw the necklace overboard? Had she gone off her granddaughter?

Another of life’s great mysteries: why is Tinman not a massive star in the blogosphere?

Read this and then dare to disagree with me.

Worth Doing Badly

So the Weekly Drawing Challenge begins.

Last year WordPress went for photo topics like “Mountains”, “Flowers” and “Breakfast”.

This year so far they have chosen “Peaceful” and “Simple” and this week they have gone for “Hope”. Clearly they have decided to opt for abstract concepts, and while I can produce abstract drawings as well as Picasso could mine are not generally intended to be so.

Anyway, my first thought was the Hope Diamond, for which I drew this:

I have no idea why I thought it was orange, I just always have.

This whole exercise, though, will be daft(er) unless I make my very best attempt at drawing, so just drawing what I think something might look like won’t do.  Therefore I Googled “Hope Diamond” and it seems that actually it looks like this:

I was surprised to learn that it is blue, though not so surprised to learn that…

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Joke 316

3 Feb

From Will & Guy.

Nick: I’m a man of few words.
Mike: I’m married, too.


At the wedding reception, the photographer yelled, ‘Would all the married men please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living.’

The bartender was almost crushed to death.

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