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Sweet Gangnam Style by Greater Manchester Police

30 Apr

I saw this in March and meant to reblog it then. Ah well; it’s a nice way to celebrate the end of April.

Joke 768

30 Apr

Businesswoman Cindy was in the airport VIP lounge on her way to Los Angeles, when she noticed Donald Trump sitting on the sofa, enjoying a brandy.  As luck would have it, Cindy was meeting a very important client who was running late.  

Being a bold businesswoman, Cindy decided to approach Mr. Trump and introduce herself. Much to her surprise, Mr. Trump turned out to be very nice. Encouraged by this she explained to “the Donald” that she was about to close a very important business deal and that she would be very grateful if he could say a quick “Hello, Cindy” to her when she was with her client. Mr. Trump consented to do just that.

Ten minutes later while Cindy was speaking with her client, she felt a rap on her shoulder. It was Donald Trump. Cindy turned to look at him as Trump said, “Hi Cindy, what’s going on?”

To which Cindy glibly replied, “Not now, Donald; can’t you see I’m in a meeting?”

Thanks to Elizabeth at Mirth & Motivation for what may be a true story.

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