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School Daze

5 May

Spud is now on study leave

Spud starts his GCSEs next week; his first exam is on Thursday.  He plans to stick to his school day at home, from nine to four, having the same breaks, lunch period, and so on.  The advantage is that he gets an extra hour in bed, waking at eight instead of 6:45.  He is serious and determined to do well in his exams.

When he started grammar school five years ago, aged eleven, it was pretty scary for him.  He was one of only four pupils from his primary school to win full bursaries, and the only boy.  The girls were put into a class together but he was on his own.  Many of the children had come up from the prep school and known each other for years, and he felt isolated.  He wasn’t happy in that first week, and the Hub found him crying over his maths homework, because he couldn’t do it.

Being a mother, I was all for panicking, pulling him out, and putting him in the local high school.  The Hub is made of sterner stuff and simply sat with Spud each night, helping him with the homework when he was struggling, and sitting on me to stop my hysteria.

We are all glad he did, because Spud has enjoyed the last five years; loves his school; is popular with pupils and staff; and is looking forward to two years of Sixth Form…especially Leaving Day, when the pupils play pranks to celebrate leaving.  Some of the previous years’ pranks have included:

  • Locking the school gates so parents couldn’t get out for an hour after dropping off their children
  • Letting three chickens loose in the school but labelling them 1, 2 & 4
  • Filling the head’s room to bursting with balloons
  • Painting a helipad on a tiny building’s roof
  • Displaying underwear around the school
  • Putting up TILF posters (work it out)
  • Selling the school on eBay.  The buyer turned up on Leavers’ Day to seal the deal, much to the surprise of the Board of Governors

An education is a wonderful thing.


Joke 408

5 May

mvc00001 (Photo credit: ksbuehler)


“Do you believe in life after death?” a manager asked one of his staff.

“Yes, I do,” the man replied.

“That’s good,” said the manager. “After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she called in to see you.”


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