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WordPress Had A Good Idea!

24 May
Morning Coffee (song)

Morning Coffee (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happens occasionally: postaday2011 prompts, that little box with the nine notifications. 

Of course, they didn’t follow through with postaday2012 prompts and unlimited notifications; and don’t get me started on the thankfully short-lived enforced every-comment-ever-written-on-every-blog-you-ever-read-coming-to-your-inbox fiasco…

But here’s a really good idea: let bloggers tell WordPress about the blogs they love.  It is one of three new post series:

  • Recommended BloggersNominate your favorite blogger for an interview and profile on The Daily Post.
  • Why I BlogWhen did you start blogging and why? What keeps you blogging? We want to know what makes your blog tick!
  • My Morning CoffeeBefore typing up your latest post, where do you find inspiration? Let us know your go-to sites for post ideas. Share the inspiration!

Read the full post at Submit a Topic.

My problem now, of course, is deciding which of the many blogs I love I should recommend.

Suggestions on a box of Maltesers, please.


By the way, if you’re wondering about the illustration, Zemanta suggested it because it’s called ‘Morning Coffee’; I used it because a bunch of pretty girls trumps dull WordPress logo every time.


Joke 427

24 May
Velcro hooks. Deutsch: Klettband (Haken).

Velcro hooks. Deutsch: Klettband (Haken). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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 Velcro – what a rip-off.




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